Wear New Colours

One of the first things to do is select trendy shades that suit your skin tone. The only way to do is by holding swatches of material to your face in order to see which ones flatter you the best. Take a good friend along with you for another opinion in case you feel that you cannot do this on your own.

It is never a good idea to be adventurous just for the sake of it. If the new fashion looks very startling on you then it is best that you avoid it. The simplest and cheapest way of incorporating fashionable hues in your wardrobe is by getting scarves, handbags or shoes in those particular shades. Buy the accessories that go best with your existing wardrobe so that you do not have to spend a great deal of money. You could also use the colour on your nails or lips, as long as it is garnet, rose or fuchsia. You can slowly incorporate more hues into your look and the transition will not look too sudden.

Once you have introduced new colours to your wardrobe you can have great fun picking out new clothes to wear. If you were to look through fashion magazines these days you would see that bright dresses, jeans and skirts hog the pages. In other words, you will have plenty of outfits to choose from and can come up with a variety of interesting combinations.

If you feel more confident about experimenting with fashion you could even wear contrasting colours. Orange and hot pink is a very daring combination that will surely attract attention. However, if you want to make smaller fashion risks then you could wear bright colours with white or black. Over time you will be able to come up with an interesting colour palette that will mark you out as a fashion forward person.