Versatility of Rain Boots


You probably never associated your wedding day with a pair of wellington boots. But many people dream of an outdoor wedding on a beach or in a sprawling field. A pair of white, high-heeled shoes doesn’t quite cut it in these settings unless you fancy a grass and mud-stained look, and potentially dangerous stumbles.

Teaming a pair of rain boots with a wedding dress is a fun, edgy look that’s sure to get you the attention you deserve on your big day. But don’t just buy any cheap option. Invest in a pair of wellies that look and feel glamorous. If you’re not willing to go all out, ankle boots are a great compromise. Any colours look great paired with a white dress but psychedelic patterns and neon tones might not be the most appropriate for as special an occasion. Purple, pink and gold are excellent tone choices.


Keen equestrians should all be the proud owners of a pair of specialised rubber boots. Their practicality is undeniable as the material is so easy to wash, and protects your feet from stable muck, mud, and rain.

Equestrian boot designs are stylish, and the comfort factor has been kept in mind. With so many colour ranges now available, you can get just the right pair to team with your jodhpurs and riding jacket.

Rainy Days in the City

Although wearing rain boots on a rainy day seems like quite an obvious idea, not many people dare to wear wellies in the city. Unfortunately, society as a whole still seems to associate the boots with their more traditional uses in farming and gardening. But now that they come in so many different shapes and sizes, they can be perfectly adapted to wearing in the city. Bust the ancient stereotype and make people jealous as you stroll along happily, boasting dry and toasty feet.