Tube Dresses

Name History

The name ‘tube dress’ is actually a bit deceiving. Though it was initially named as a derivative of the stretchy tank top, there are now many different styles that are classified as a tube dress. It seems that the classification lies in the way the bodice is designed and how the skirt falls from there. More often than not, tube dresses have an elastic or “bunched” type of bodice, with the skirt falling straight down from the bottom of the bodice and coming about to the thigh. It generally does not have any over-the-shoulder straps, although the remaining design seems very open to interpretation.

Casual Look

More casual tube dresses are comfortable for a day of shopping, the beach, or other relaxed activities in warmer weather and are available in bright colors and beautiful, summery patterns. They make very nice sundresses, leaving bare shoulders for a bit of flirtatiousness and tanning display. What is especially nice about this style is how well goes with just about any type of shoe, from rubber flip-flops to fancy heels. With flip-flops, it can be accessorized with a cute straw hat and shoulder bag to hit the outdoor markets. With heels, add a small purse and a necklace to accentuate shapely neck and shoulders and it is off to coffee or lunch with friends, looking sassy.

Evening Look

For a less casual, more polished look when going out to dinner, that very same garment can handle formal treatment. Dark heels, along with a conservative necklace and bracelet such as pearls or a chain with a pretty pendant, a small clutch purse, and a classy-looking bolero to cover the bare shoulders makes quite an elegant evening look. Whether worn open or with a button-style front that is partially closed, a bolero or shrug is a simple, yet fashionable way to embellish some very basic clothing and tube dresses are no exception.

Sophisticated Styles

Of course, there are tube styles that look quite sophisticated as well, in solids and subdued business-like patterns, with skirts ranging from minis to pencils to full-length gowns. As a matter of fact, some of the fanciest ladies garments are actually considered to be tube dresses. Many a red carpet celebrity has appeared in famous maker, bare-shoulder gowns and frocks, all of which are essentially tube dresses.