Take Care of Jewelry

You should be very particular about taking your earrings, necklaces and the like off every time you go for a shower. If you wear them while bathing then they will become dull due to accumulation of soap on their surfaces. You should also take them off when you go swimming because the chlorine in the water will also cause your ornaments to lose their sheen. There is also the danger that loose fitting pieces and stones that are coming out of their settings can fall off into the water and you will find it very difficult to recover them. You should also take care to wear your adornments only after you have applied perfume, hair spray or make up because they contain chemicals that can be harmful to precious metals.

Cleaning jewellery generally involves quite a bit of effort but there is no getting around it. Thankfully, you do not have to clean them very often; once every 5 – 6 months is usually sufficient. There are plenty of commercial cleaners available in the market these days and they generally go a very good job of getting your baubles to sparkle. However, you can avoid using them if you want to. Just make sure that you wash your jewels in clean water and polish them dry with a clean chamois cloth afterwards. If you feel that a lot of dirt has been accumulated then you could clean them gently with a soft nail brush or an old toothbrush.

Never make the mistake of trying to clean jewellery in a washbasin that has not been plugged because there is a good chance that a piece can fall through the open drainage hole. Always wash your precious ornaments in a tub of water so that there is no chance of you losing anything. If you take these steps to look after your expensive ornaments then they will stay beautiful for a very long time.