Styles of Sarongs

Given below are some of the types of Sarongs:

  • Indonesian: There are many different types of patterns which are made on the Indonesian Sarongs. These patterns are made as a result of a dying method which is referred to as “batik”. The person who dyes them is known as the batik artist. He makes use of wax paper and places them on the portions of cloth which they do not want to dye. This art of batik is very popular and common in Indonesia. It is practiced in Java and in Bali. The climate of Indonesia is normally hot and humid; and because of the climate it is no wonder that the people of Indonesia love wearing Sarongs. Also the fabric with which Sarongs is made is very light and breezy. The patterns made on men’s and women’s Sarongs are different. The Sarongs of men usually have a checkerboard pattern on them.
  • Hawaiian: These Sarongs are very beautiful. They can be worn by women along with their plain swimsuit as they look very glamorous and elegant. They can also wear them like short skirts and enjoy the breezy costume. There are many different types of patterns made on these Sarongs. The patterns of Hawaiian flowers are the most popular patterns. You can wear a kikoy sarong while you are on vacation as it gives such a glamorous look and adds style to your Hawaiian vacation. You can also take these Sarongs home as gifts for friends and relatives.
  • Weddings: For most of the beach weddings, having Sarongs as the dresses of bridesmaid and the bride can be a good option as these Sarongs flow with the breeze of the beach and adds a comfortable yet stylish look to the while beach environment. The bride can easily walk around in these Sarongs and would not mind the sandy environment and would not even feel bad if the Sarong gets a little dirty from the bottom. Most of the wedding dresses of Sarongs are made up of a silky material and so they can even be used a honeymoon lingerie.

Men simply love Sarongs as they are casual and comfortable. There are many colors which are available for men. Some of the common colors include green, charcoal green, brown, deep red and many other masculine colors. There are also the ones which have gold accents. These gold accented ones are more popular and most of the men go with these Sarongs. Men can wear these Sarongs whenever they go to a beach or on any of the pool parties. They can wear them as scarves by wrapping them around their necks or wear them around their waists. They can also be given as a great gift to men.

Sarongs can be worn very easily and they give a very versatile look. They are worn in different ways according to the different cultures and the different geographical features. According to these features these Sarongs can also have different patterns and designs on them. The colors can also vary according to the geographical features of a place. There are different colors worn by men of different cultures and geographical situation.

The Sarongs can also be made into different things and utilized into different functions rather than just wearing them as summer clothes for men. They can be made into homemade bags, table cloths, scarves and many other things. You can also wear Sarong on holidays as they give a very fashionable yet a cozy look. You can also gift them to someone on any on the occasions. They are the simple things which can accessorize and spice up your otherwise dull wardrobe. The best thing about these Sarongs is that they never go out of style and they are also quite affordable.