Skinny Jeans in Fantastic Colours

Many people are afraid to try out brightly coloured skinny jeans simply because they have never experimented with colours before. In fact, if it is your first time with these gorgeous shades then you can play it safe by pairing your jeans with white or black. Wear a simple top that does not have too much embellishment because the colour of the jeans will draw plenty of attention as it is. A classic white shirt or a simple tank top is generally the best thing to wear with these jeans. A pair of stylish heels or wedges will complete the look of the outfit.

You can even wear your brightly coloured jeans for semi-formal occasions. All you have to do is team it with a classy and well cut blazer in a conservative colour. Do keep in mind that navy and white look better than black in some cases. A leather jacket in white will also look gorgeous with the jeans. A smart bag will complete the overall look.

It is also a good idea to try out different combinations of colours in order to have a truly unique look. If your jeans are red in colour then you could team them with fuchsia or coral for a high fashion look. Tangerine and pink is also a very good combination. Pink also goes very well with purple. You do not necessarily have to get your top in the contrasting shade. The colour contrast can be provided by a high fashion hand bag or footwear.

It is really very easy for you to take this fashion of wearing jewel toned skinny jeans and make it yours. In fact, you can get a highly fashionable look without spending too much money merely by picking up a couple of these jeans. You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you share the trend that all the fashionable people are following.