Role of Clothing

Clothing is believed to have originated from our ancestors in the past using fur, leaves or leather to cover them up. These materials were tied or wrapped around body parts they wished to cover. This marked the beginning of clothing as we know it now. Over the years, clothing has undergone several changes and the final product is what you are wearing now. The exact date as to when our ancestors started dressing themselves up is being debated until today as clothing made of fur and leather normally deteriorate very quickly. Imagine if clothing had not been discovered and you had to be bare body in the cold winter, totally impossible right?!

Clothing has several functions with the primary being covering our body and protecting us against cold or hot weathers. In cold regions, several layers of clothing are used to keep warm. In warm regions, clothing protects us against sunburns. Many countries today also have laws against indecent exposure to public which basically means not covering yourself up with clothing in public. Clothing today fulfills the role of social decency as if a person properly covered with clothes in public would portray decency. It is considered rude in most societies to indecently expose oneself, therefore the need for clothing. Clothing can also serve social aspects today. A group or clan of people may choose to dress in a similar way. With many fashion trends coming up every other day around the world, many people try their best to keep up with them. Social media has propelled fashion trends as people can discuss latest trends and get reviews about what’s cool and what’s not. In the olden days different classes of people are dressed in dissimilar ways. A kind would not be dressed in the same clothes as a soldier. Although kings these days don’t dress like kings in the past, clothing today still plays a role in the different social classes of people. An office worker would dress differently from a waiter. The rich and trendy would not wear the same clothes as a beggar. Although clothes tend to separate people into different classes, there is nothing one can do about it, as the rich would be willing to spend more on what they wear unlike the beggar.

Clothing for different occasions also varies. One might wear formal attire to a wedding but when at a beach party, casual attire would be more comfortable. Uniforms used by some organizations try to eliminate any inequalities that might occur amongst the people there. For example, schools have rules for students to wear the same uniform. This is an attempt by the school to create a unique identity for the students as well as eliminate inequalities. Clothing today has come a long way from the time it was discovered. It is an essential part to living as we would not feel comfortable if we are exposed in an indecent manner.