Right Prom Dress For Body Type

With a slender figure, you will want to draw attention to your bust line and or waist line to achieve the illusion of curves. Slender figures can also achieve the look of curves by choosing dresses that fit snuggly around the waist or come with a fashionable belt.

A busty figure can either call attention to that or draw away from it. If you want to highlight your assets, choose a prom dress, whether petite or one of many plus size prom dresses, that highlight the neckline. To draw attention away from your bust, go with a dress that highlights the hemline.

A petite body type works best with delicate, feminine dresses that will not overwhelm your shape. Traditional gowns and full skirts give the illusion of swallowing you up so better to go with a short fun dress.

Ideally, you will want to have an hourglass figure because pretty much any style of dress will fit the shape and contours of your figure. Your even proportions will work in your favor when choosing a prom dress.

For a pear shaped body type, go with a dress that accents your top, as well as your bottom. Comfort and style are the most important things when choosing homecoming dresses and a form fitting dress may be exactly what you are looking for.

For an apple shaped figure, go with a dress with higher waistline so your problem area is not highlighted by the tightness of the gown. You can still play up the style with fun accessories but keep in mind the overall design you want to keep.