Promotional Clothing

Choose the right garment

You don’t want your willing fun runners to be lolloping around in the midday sun dressed in a heavy outdoor fleece. Why would you punish your eager supporters in such a cruel and malevolent way? No no no, what you need is something lightweight for that purpose, so you choose a nice cotton t-shirt of course.

All the colours of the rainbow, and more!

So you’ve chosen the garment, now you need to pick the colour. Choose carefully as if your event is the success it should be, the colour you have chosen for your supporters to wear could become an iconic element of the event. Just think of the race for life again; the colour pink has become integral to the event, helping to differentiate the cause from all of the thousands of other worthwhile causes out there.


You need lots of different sizes because everyone is a different shape; simple really.

Now you’ve got to brand the thing

Keep calm, there’s nothing to worry about. First off, decide which area you wish to brand. The best promotional clothing suppliers will give you a wide choice; whether it’s the arm, the neck, the chest or the back is completely up to you. Do you wish to create a real impact with a large design, or do you require something a little bit more subtle to quietly tell people who you are. Once you’ve chosen the location for you text or logo, you need to decide on the size. This can all be done with a click of button. Usually sizes will range from A4 right down to A6.