Plus Size Jacket


Length is an important factor to be considered while choosing a plus-size jacket. Length of the coat you wear should be in accordance with your height. But a thumb rule to select the perfect length in a coat is that it should end at the slimmest part of your body. There are various lengths available in jackets.

  • Full-length: Full-length coats are best for extreme cold conditions. Your movement might be restricted to some extent if they are fully buttoned up. However, shorter plus-size women should avoid wearing a full-length coat. This will make them look shorter.
  • ¾ Length: These coats are often the best to be used in rain. They will provide more protection in rain than a standard-length jacket. And allow more movement than a full-length coat.
  • Jackets: Jackets give you a stylish look. They are smaller in length, but can provide protection in rain and snow.
  • Anorak: It is a heavy jacket and offers superior insulation, hence keep you warm.
  • Trench coat: It is a stylish long coat. It is comfortable and can keep you warm and dry on a rainy or windy day.
  • Raincoat: They are simple A-line design coats and are mainly used for rainy days.

Colour and pattern

Preferably choose dark colours and those matching your outfit. This will help you to enhance your body shape. If you are looking for a printed jacket make sure that you select a jacket with smaller prints. Large prints can make you look bulkier.


Avoid boxy-style jackets if you are a plus-size. When selecting a plus-size jacket pay special attention to the neck and collar. Avoid wide neck if you have larger bust, instead choose narrow neck with small collars. V necks are most preferable in plus-size jackets. Choose a jacket that is buttoned up and crosses over, but the buttons should not come at center. You can also try wrap-around jackets they will suit your figure and will give you stunning looks.

Jackets and coats say a lot about your wardrobe. It is the first thing that people notice when it is cold. So add style to your wardrobe with different types of jackets and coats.