Mullet Dresses

In case you have been hiding under a rock and do not know what mullet dresses or skirts are, they are the new wave of hemline designs and patterns that every fashion “it” girl are wearing now. In a cap-like look, mullet dresses come in rise-and-fall hemlines. According to fashion vanguards, dresses and skirts are the perfect way for Hollywood stars to show off their perfectly-shaped legs since the frontal part of the hem is very short, but at the same time, the back part is as dramatic as it gradually grows in length. Basically, this skirt is short in the front part and long at the back. The change of length can either be gradual or abrupt. In some occasions,dress continues to a back train to create a more grandiose and royalty-like effect.

American socialite Nicole Richie once arrived at the FiFi Awards in New York City wearing an Emilio Pucci black baby doll mullet dress complete with an Audrey Hepburn-inspired 60’s beehive hair ‘do. The outfit created so much buzz that the mullet dress instantly became a Hollywood sensation. Since then, the mullet dress was seen everywhere, gracing corporate parties, fashion shows, awards night, and virtually anywhere.

Before Nicole Richie’s famous appearance on a mullet dress, who was really the first one who popularized this hemline? Christy Turlington’s cover is the very first fashion milestone that broadcasted the popular mullet hemline in 1990. The dress was did not make such a huge bang as it has successfully made today.

Dipping a glamorous toe in the mullet dress trend, many other celebrities are now following suit. It is like watching a pack of Barbie dolls wearing the same trend but with different colors, fabric and pattern whenever there is an event that calls for the camera’s attention. Yes, they come in different styles but with one thing in common: the now iconic rise-and-fall hemline.

Short on the front and party on the back, the dress is a certified fashion item for women who can take pride in showing off a nice pair of long legs but wants to steal the show with a floor-length hemline at the back. Steal the look by rewarding yourself your own mullet dress or skirt. Fortunately, this hemline style cannot escape the eyes of retail designers and they are now essentially everywhere. From malls to online shops, the mullet dress and skirt is now for everybody.