Evolution of Footwear

Brogues have never really gone out of fashion and these days they are still sold all over the world. These shoes do not have a very high heel when worn by ladies. Women wear these when they want comfort and they are not worn for evening occasions. They look good with all types of trousers and jeans. When it concerns men’s shoes, they have been manufactured in manufactured to be worn as formal wear and also for leisure activities. When worn as leisure wear, they are generally made out of a canvas type material.

If these shoes have stitching and holes on the toe cap as well as on the heels, they have a different name. In this instance they are called wing tips. This is because the holes run from the toe right alongside the side of the shoes in the shape of a wing. The name wing tip is the common name for this type of shoe in the United States.

Another variety is the spectator shoe. These shoes are normally fashioned out of two different colours such as for instance black and white. These were very fashionable in the nineteen thirties with the advent of swing music. These shoes were almost exclusively worn by men at that time. They were certainly also not use for formal occasions, but they were leisure wear.

Further on in the century these shoes crossed over from leisure wear to more formal occasions and the spectator shoe was also manufactured for the wear for women. The women’s variety had a low sturdy heel no higher than two inches. At that time these shoes were always fashioned out of leather.

After the thirties this footwear lost its appeal, but their popularity was revived in the nineteen fifties. The modern variety of this model still has the essential special stitching, but for women they are now designed with much higher heels and sometimes platform soles. Some of the styles are very elegant, whilst others are overdone and look like clumpy and uncomfortable copies of the original design.

If one should like to acquire a pair of shoes of this kind it is easier to have a look on the internet. This is especially true if you are pushed for time with a busy job and home life. There are a great many sites that advertise all kinds of shoes. Purchasing these items could not be simpler. After credit card details have been approved, the footwear will be shipped free of charge to your front door if they are shipped from within the country you live.