Detachable Collars

Produced in a range of styles, collars can transform your threads from drab to directional, the frumpy to the flirty. They instantly add a high-fashion vibe to an otherwise plain dress or top, and are just about still niche enough to be a handy talking point at a party. Wear one of these, and you will be seen as a fashion insider, but not a sheep; someone willing to try out the trends, but with an unexpected and fresh approach.

By their very nature, then, these objects have the power to alter the total look of another item you might want to wear. A casual t-shirt can get the strict, buttoned up Victoriana makeover it’s always dreamed of! Your t-shirt can become formal , and it will thank you for it because severity and lady-likeness are so damn hot, as evidenced by Alexa Chung. That girl loves her peter pan collars and if you do too, good news: you don’t have to wait to find the perfect dress. Invest in the collar alone, and you will have endless styling options.

Take the bejeweled, peter pan shaped collars, for example. With their black glittering jewels and twee, ‘Maude Adams’ inspired shape, the pieces perfectly combine the vampy and the vintage, for a look that will captivate. Worn nonchalantly over a plain tee they double as an alternative for a necklace and become the main event, whilst paired with a smarter dress or lacy top they take more of a complementary, but no less stunning, position. The Glisten with Gold collar is a piece of armour, tough and beautiful. It is both delicate and fierce, a welcome addition to any wardrobe, especially one that smells of leather and wild nights out. You don’t have to look approachable to be beautiful, and the boldness of this dazzlingly simple adornment will attract welcome admiration and intrigue.

From the catwalk to your closet, these accessories more than prove their potential. Even with the Karl Lagerfeld seal of approval – see the great man’s unswerving commitment to his monochrome, collar-clad wardrobe – they are far from a cliche, instead injecting a slice of humour and playfulness into your personal style. For the busy career girl they are a god-send: pop one in your handbag and place it around your neck at 5pm in time for drinks with the girls to look city chic even as you come straight from the office. After all, that’s what we need from our accessories; a simple way to look anything but simple.