Cufflinks for Women

Cufflink Trends

Before we discuss what cufflinks say about their wearers, it is a good idea to look at current trends in cufflinks for men and women. Cufflinks are often associated with men. For years men have used cufflinks to add a touch of personal style to their business suits, tuxedos and dress shirts. Fortunately, the ever-changing trends in fashion have made beautiful cufflinks for women the norm instead of the exception. Thanks to a leading group of shirt designers, women can now enjoy the same fine detailing that men have taken for granted for years.

Cufflinks for ladies are now worn by career women in corporate offices and with relaxed shirting on the weekends. Cufflinks also make regular appearances on the red carpet in Hollywood with high profile actors such as Dianne Keaton showing the punch of a power suit with matching cufflinks, to boot.

Styling for women

For those who think that cufflinks are too masculine to be worn by women, think again. There are literally thousands of designs to choose from ranging from the bold and bright to the ultra-feminine. Silk knots are also a fashionable option for women, available in both block colours and fun multi-colour combinations. However, it’s always hard to go past classic silver.

Many women opt for classic silver cufflinks with a shiny finish. Look for cufflinks made from rhodium; these are much more durable than cufflinks made from other metals. Again, there are many designs to choose from but a simple pair of silver cufflinks is a must-have for every woman’s accessory collection. They’ll take you from day to night seamlessly and add a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Reflecting Your Personality

Yes! Just like the rest of your outfit from your shoes and clothes to your jewellery and handbag, your cufflinks are a personal expression of your style, your mood and your passions. For example…

Silk Knots indicate a softness and femininity as they mimic small flowers on your sleeves. Depending on your choice of colour, your choice of silk knots can indicate your mood for the day. Pink and purple, suggests fun and frivolity whilst black and white might suggest a more serious approach to the day.

Novelty Cufflinks allow you to inject fun into an otherwise formal outfit like a business suit. Many women love to add a personal touch to a corporate outfit that hints at their interests and passions outside of the workplace. Surfboard cufflinks are popular for women who love the beach, dog and bone cufflinks show a love for pets and soccer cufflinks hint at your love of the sport.