Cowgirl Boots For Women

Whether you need a new pair of cowgirl boots to make a fashion statement or because they are practical you will find an almost infinite number of patterns and colors to choose from. The pink, red and white cowgirl boots are extremely popular, as are the tradition brown cowhide boots. Sometimes patterns of animals, flowers or other items are carved onto the side of the boot. A well designed, handmade cowgirl boot with a well-crafted design on the side looks stunning wherever you go.

There are basically two kinds of women’s western boots including the classic style and the newer roper version. The classic Western style has a tall and long shaft that goes up to the mid-calf of the wearer. It also features a shorter heel which is less than one inch high and has a pointed toe.

The roper style is modern and features a short shaft which goes just above the wearers’ ankle. They usually have a round toe, but they can also have a square toe also. They have a squared off heel and are made in such a way that helps to keep the shoe from slipping off while walking.

Each one of the styles comes in a wide range of colors. Some of them are done in traditional colors like black and browns and the more modern ones are seen in patterns and bright colors. They may also have some embellishments like a decorative buckle or some pretty stitching.

In time’s past, a boot often symbolized the wearers’ love for horses or the west or that she lived on a farm. Today, these pieces are seen in main stream fashion. They may be used for protecting the wearer while riding horse, but they are also used to create a fashionable look and to create a certain look.

There are a lot of different styles for cowgirl boots for women. They’re the classic Western style with a short heel and pointed toe. There is also the modern version known as the roper style that has become popular in fashion.