Clean Your Wedding Dress

Before and after wearing your wedding dress, look over it for any stain. Having a thorough inspection of the dress makes it wiser for you to prepare the dress perfectly. Of course, make sure that you have the cleaning supplies you will need and take a good look at the hemline. It is understandable that you may get the wedding dress train soaked in dirt, and these tips might be helpful for you. When you started washing your gown, soak the dirty hem in a clean bathtub using lukewarm water for a few hours. Or, you may check if the stain gets slightly removed and the dress looks cleaner this time.

Next, prepare for the real hand-washing encounter with your bridal gown by using a toothbrush and a liquid detergent to brush away the dirt. Make sure that you will focus on cleaning the hemline as well and check the dress linings for any dirt. Rinse these areas thoroughly upon getting done on checking any other stains on the dress.

Thirdly, turn the dress bodice inside and out, and then spray the lining of the bodice with a mixture of soap and water solution. You will also need to use a toothbrush and the detergent solution to clean stains acquired because of perspiration. If your wedding dress has several layers of lining in the skirt, then make sure to check over them and clean the stains. While looking over the exterior of the dress, you should spray the stain with a sudsy solution first. Use the toothbrush and add the liquid detergent directly on the fabric if necessary. However, if you are having a hard time removing the dirt, you may use chlorine for a more effective dirt remover.

Upon cleaning the wedding dress, fill the bathtub with warm water and put the whole dress in the tub. Rinse out all the remaining dirt until the gown has become perfectly clean and free from dirt. Let the water drain, and repeat the process. Most bridal gown cleaners would advice to at least rinse the dress three times until there is no any soap bubble. Keep in mind that wedding dress made from silk fabrics should be dry cleaned by some professional dry cleaning personnel because silk can be torn easily.