Clean A Leather Purse

Your leather Handbag will pick up natural hand oils and soiling during normal use. I use a one-step leather cleaner & polish for ALL my Name Brand Handbag cleaning needs. Four years ago, we took a few of our Coach Handbags to a professional repair shop and found out how easy it is to clean a leather purse with a trusted polish. A reliable leather cleaner should remove unwanted oils and soiling plus leave a satiny finish that will retard water spotting in the future!

Scuffing, wear, and fingernail scratches were another issue that we needed to cover when we started discussing how to clean a leather purse. The product you choose should diminish these areas but may not completely restore them. I have had great success when I first apply a colored shoe polish, to match the color of my purse or whatever I’m cleaning, following manufacturers directions. Then I finish with my leather cleaner/polish and the scuffs, wear, and scratches are almost invisible!

Ink marks are the last and most stubborn cleaning problem we have to discuss. Rubbing alcohol may prove to be strong enough to remove this testy stain but most of the time it will also remove the surface color as well. Patent leather is much more forgiving and alcohol will usually get rid of ink stains. I suggest trying a small area on the bottom of your Bag first. Otherwise, leave the ink stains to the professionals who can remove the ink and then redye the area, that was affected, to match the original color.