Become a Style Icon

But just what does it take to be called a style icon? Many people think it’s being able to choose the right clothes and the right look. Having the best accessories also helps, like the best bags or the shiniest bling. It means never having to buy designer knock-offs, she never calls other women the “B” word and never ever puts her “competitors” down in public. Age is just a chronological number to her and not something to be feared. She doesn’t think “stay-at-home-moms” is equivalent to not working and the word “stereotype” is not in her vocabulary. Being stylish also means never having to follow any style fad but marching to your own beat and being followed instead. She mixes and matches bargain deals with high-end pieces to make for a timeless wardrobe unmatched by any.

To start being a style icon, you have to understand that stylish women are all about individuality, of not being afraid to show the world their personality. The first step therefore, is always educating yourself on anything and everything new – what clothes match and what don’t, what accessories are great for this look and what isn’t. You can call it learning by theory especially if you observe how the known style icons put their looks together, but once you get the hang of it, you’re on your way.

The next step to being a style icon is to do an inventory of your existing wardrobe. Chuck out everything you’ve had since the 80s and keep those timeless pieces that you can mix and match with modern ones. Mixing and matching can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know much about the right combinations so it’s best to start with something “safe” – you know, black on black, black and white, grey and white, etc.

Being a style icon means also being adventurous with your fashion choices. When going clothes-shopping, don’t be afraid to try on different styles to see what looks suit you best or at least what you can carry off without too much trouble. Trying on new colors and new styles will bring out the fashion diva that’s long been buried under baggy shirts and pants. Experiment and have fun and soon enough, you’ll discover the look that’s YOU.

The most important thing to remember stylish women needn’t be on top of the best-dressed lists and for dressing up to become somebody you’re not. Simply put, to become a style icon is to be yourself, to enhance your positive attributes and not dwell on the negatives. It means being happy and content with what you have, how you look and how you are and not trying to be anybody else who fits into the “popular” mode. You can just be in a plain white shirt, blue jeans and a cardigan but still be able to turn heads, not because of what you have on but because of the confidence and contentment you exude.