Be a Diva With a Sophisticated Look

Sure there are many varieties of handbags in many different styles and certainly there are unique designs available in the market. Popular brands such as Donna Karan New York, Prada, Christian Dior, Kate Spade and Gucci to name a few offer are great quality handbags and purses. Most women wish for the opportunity to own a name brand purse, but what is the real reason that actually holds them back? The answer that often comes to most minds is the word affordability. Speaking from experience it actually took me 52 years to get a Dooney & Bourke bag because I could not afford the luxury of such and please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my handbag. I had a great job and even worked two jobs and I still could not afford a designer name brand handbag. If it had not been a Valentines Day gift I probably would still not be able to have it. For those who cannot afford an expensive designer handbag there are well made replica designer bags in many styles as well as sizes and colors for the diva who wants to experience a distinct and outstanding look and most importantly at a cost which they too can afford.

As a diva here are some tips on the most vibrant colors you may want to experiment with for the year and listed in order of popularity such as Tangerine Tango, Lite Blue, Cabaret, Starfish, Margarita, Sweet Lilac, Driftwood, Bellflower and Cockatoo. Avoid the dark colors and match your handbags and purses to your clothing as well as your shoes.

Purses and bags are made and carried according to a woman’s overall persona as well as their figures. Diva this is your fashion statement, your personality and your distinct style, you choose your designer style of handbag. Therefore, for all you divas out there from age ten and up choose that perfect color, that perfect man made- material and that perfect shape and size handbag at that affordable cost.