Month: July 2019

Playsuits and Jumpsuits

The modern everyday interpretations of the two garments are cousins of dresses and suits, both of which are perfectly viable office wear. But would you take your cousin to work with you? And let’s not forget that the definition of what is “formal” is as much of a moving target as you’re ever likely to encounter in style terms. As business in general is toning back its need to appear formal, the meaning of formal wear is itself becoming more open to interpretation. Somewhere in the middle the two will meet with an enormous explosion of laid-back businesswear, and anyone who hasn’t got their finger on the pulse of style is going to be a casualty.

But that’s for the near future. What about now? Can you really turn up at the office in a playsuit? It’s tempting to say that depending on the context, the answer is probably yes. … Read the rest

Organic Clothing Made

Firstly, the apparel industry is buyer driven with demand for cheap, throw away fashion being the core of that demand. To meet this consumer demand, big corporations went overseas where labour laws are slack and wages are cheap. Through this long association, the apparel industry is now fully entrenched in countries like China, India, Bangladesh, etc with close to 70% of all apparel imports valued at over 30 billion, coming into the US from the third world.

By demanding cheap, throw away fashions, we created this situation of exploitation in the third world. So, by turning our back on this industry through “buy local” are we not choosing to abandon already impoverished individuals who now rely on the apparel industry as a sole source of income?

Instead of abandoning these third world workers, we must support them. We must use our buying power to say no to child labor, no … Read the rest

Wear Blue Skinny Jeans

  • When you are wearing these kinds of pants, it’s important that you match it with the right shoes. Those people who are tall and who have slim legs can wear any footwear with low heels. On the other hand, those who are shorter should wear wedges or stilettos. This will give an illusion that you have longer and leaner legs.
  • Boots will work well with any height, just as long as they are snug fit. If you want to wear those that have heels, don’t hesitate to do so. Just make sure that your boots will match your pants.
  • Matching it with any top won’t be a problem. Blue skinny jeans are usually paired with loose shirts or sleeveless. If you want to wear fitted blouses, its fine, just make sure that it doesn’t emphasize your hips too much.
  • It’s really important to wear comfortable clothes, especially if you’re working.
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Marc Jacobs

It wasn’t long after finishing his formal education that Jacobs became the youngest designer to win the Perry Ellis Award for New Fashion Talent: one of the most prestigious awards in the fashion industry. It was his first self-titled collection which won him the honour, as well as a great deal of attention worldwide, and only a few years later he had partnered with Robert Duffy and built his reputation considerably.

In 1989, the duo were put at the head of the Women’s Design department at Perry Ellis, a position for which Jacobs received further honours by the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) with the Women’s Designer of the Year award for his ‘Grunge’ collection. Shortly afterwards the Marc Jacobs International Company was established by the new partnership, and in 1997 they opened their first store in New York’s Soho district, but this was only the beginning: making … Read the rest

Skechers Shape-Ups

Shape-ups Dash-Gaucho (Crazy Horse) Leather.

Getting yourself into shape using Shape-ups does not necessary mean using sporty-looking working out footwear. Skechers depend upon precisely the same method in open-toe sandals. Those summertime-friendly trainers essentially imitate walks barefoot sense on the softer surface.

Such sneakers have a very good leather top along with padding collar. Those have a textile shoes lining topped-off along with a pleasant cushioned insole. Take into account in line with reviews coming from purchasers it sounds as if this particular type does operate all around a fifty percent of sizing bigger than regular. Hence, if you make a decision to buy a pair of which, you need to get those a fifty percent of size smaller compared with what you might do otherwise.

Skechers Shape-ups Workout Junkie-Silver/Hot Pink Leather/White

Skechers can also have Shape-ups for sale in modern varieties designed for women. That workout shoes comes with … Read the rest

Shopping Black Clogs

Clogs are used for many situations from business meetings to lounging around the home and gardening, depending on the materials of the clogs you own and the type of walking you plan to do when you are wearing them as well.

Common materials used in clogs and also in black clogs includes rubber, suede, and even plastic, depending on the use you have for the clogs. Clogs are relatively inexpensive and affordable on most budgets, but leather clogs may cost more altogether due to the material costs in general. If you are looking for a classy look with clogs, opt for a pair of leather or suede clogs for the most sophisticated looks. Clogs are also ideal for gardening as well and are sold as rubber and plastic clogs in the color black. These are easy to clean and comfortable without feeling stiff or getting stained over time.

When you … Read the rest

Definitive Denim

Raw Denim

Dry / raw / unwashed denim are some of the terms that you might see associated with this particular style. As you might have gathered from the last sentence it is denim that is unwashed after being dyed in the production phase. The result is a very strong colouration which through time will naturally wear away in certain areas of stress and general wear and tear. Although stiffer when first worn, raw denim is a must for some denim connoisseurs who love the breaking in process and the results that it brings with it. Areas such as the knees and thighs as the months go on will begin to fade and wear away, giving it a very personal ‘lived in’ effect.

It is said that you shouldn’t wash raw denim for at least 6 months. Through this time your unwashed jeans will have time to develop their own … Read the rest

Sexy Clothes Are Only Half the Battle

Confidence is key. If you think you look fabulous in a pair of figure-hugging jeans that show off every curve, go ahead and wear them. Your own confidence in how great you look will be transmitted in every step you take, giving you a poise and assurance that is infectious – the more confident you are, the better you will feel.

Naturally, the converse is also true. If you are unhappy with your figure – maybe you hate showing off your legs, or like to cover up your cleavage – you’ll instinctively be drawn to clothes that hide those aspects you don’t love about yourself.

But you can learn to be confident; looking for styles that flatter every body shape and seeking advice from experts on what works for you.

Slipping into a dress or slinky top won’t automatically make you sexy. It won’t even automatically make you look sexy … Read the rest

Apparel Closeout

Apparel closeout is the best way to buy clothes; it is feasible to buy good brand clothing at very low prices. It is possible to buy the clothes by keeping a track of all the closeout sales happening in the locality and in the online stores as well. Previously, closeout sales used to be at the end of a season, but now-a-days, closeout sales happen year-round.

There is a difference between retail sales and closeout sales, even though it might happen in the same store. In closeout sales, the prices are slashed much below the average retail price, because the goal is to get rid of the stock, while in retail sales there is a minimum price, because the goal is to make profit. The best part of buying in closeout is that the quality of the clothes will be the same as that in any retail store; the closeout … Read the rest

Step Path to Creating a Fashion Blog

Pick a topic: general or specific?

Every girl and guy out there thinks their style is unique, so what makes your blog different from the all of the rest? If your unique wardrobe and styling efforts are what you’re known for, a daily outfit blog with pictures and details of your clothing choices can be a great place to start. There are many sites you can look at for inspiration (celebrity, gossip, accessories, deals, D.I.Y) or create your own unique topic to express to the world! As the amount of people blogging increases, blogging can become super specific and segmented. You could create a blog as specific as patent leather headbands and gain a successful following for your love of super specific fashion accessories! be yourself- write/ wear/ photograph/ reblog/ what you know and what you love. an audience who loves the same things will find you and you will … Read the rest