Month: June 2019

Buy Cufflinks Online

  • Vast Selection- With a great cufflink company, you should be able to choose from a wide range of cufflinks and cufflink gift sets. While engraved cufflinks for men may only be offered a few cufflink selections, you should be able to access many different types of cufflinks, including classic, elegant, and novelty kinds.
  • Fast Delivery- How long will it take for you to receive your cufflinks? The majority of the time, a good company will deliver your men’s accessories between six days and two weeks after you order, depending on where you live. Certain holidays, such as Christmas, may slow down this delivery, however. Faster delivery should also be offered, at an additional cost.
  • In Stock- In order to ensure fast delivery of your order, the cufflink company should state and ensure all of the cufflinks they provide online are in stock at their distribution centre.
  • Warranty- Does the company
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One Piece Swimsuits

  • As in most items, a simple black swimsuit is going to look amazing and flatter all body shapes. If in doubt this is the color you should choose, however if black isn’t your thing then try other colors, or even color block one or two colors for a sporty look. You should avoid busy prints though, as on the larger surface of a one piece these will be a bit too much
  • Choose a square neckline for a retro, but feminine style. You’ll still show a hint of cleavage, but won’t be letting it all hang out like in a more-revealing bikini.
  • Shoulder straps will give you plenty of support. Straps also offer a look that’s a mixture of athletic and resort, and those with larger busts should simply choose wider straps, as the wider the strap, the more support is given. Also pay attention to the back of the
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Info of Long Sleeved Dresses

Once you’ve settled on leaving your shoulders to the imaginations of the relevant section of humanity, the real work starts. Like any good clothes shopper, you’ll take inspiration (and possibly even a frock or two) from fashion’s rich history; that means do a little research in your local vintage clothing store ­- and don’t forget that there are some excellent online ones too. On locating the long-sleeved dresses you’ll realise that it’s not a look that will inevitably succeed. There’s a certain chintzy, frumpy vibe about some of the sleeved dresses, and without paying too much attention you could well end up with the Barbara Cartland or Grayson Perry look, or you might look like you’ve just left the parish meeting in Midsomer – and that can’t end well.

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Americana Style

If you want to be a full on American ambassador, there is no better place to start than with the iconic stars and stripes. Fly the flag proudly in a printed sweater with some distressed denim cutoffs, or pair some hot pants emblazoned with the Star Spangled banner and an over-sized white or blue tank for casual yet coordinated cool. Round off with well-worn baseball shoes or an impressive pair of platforms depending on whether you’re headed to the sports stadium or the bar. Oh heck, the platforms will look amazing anywhere. There are bonus points available for those who really commit to this look by wearing cowboy boots.

If you want to reference American culture in slightly less literal ways, look to Prada’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection for 1950s glamorous inspiration. The muscle-car print, mimicked elsewhere at ASOS and Primark, is cute and knowingly kitschy, while the leather pieces … Read the rest

Urban Plus Size Clothing

Dressing according to figure is the very first rule of looking good and fashionable. Colors and designs compliment different figures in a different manner, so it is important to choose urban clothing accordingly. Rather than simply going for trendy clothing, it is important to find clothing that will actually look good on a particular figure. For women, apple, hourglass, pear and rectangular are the four main body types. Figuring out the body type can make it a lot easier to choose marvelous urban plus size clothing.

For those with a plus size body type, finding good looking urban clothing can become a lot easier if the following tips are considered.

  • Plus size urban dresses: Since width is neutralized by the illusion of length, so longer dresses should be concentrated on. Unlike tight-fitting clothes, when it comes to this clothing, fabrics that really flow are a much better choice.
  • Plus size
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Pick Scent for Summer

Floral fragrances such as jasmine, citrus, peony, freesia, rose, and many others are loved by everyone during the hotter days of the year. These fragrances add to those confident looks by helping you feel fresh. To flaunt in a party or in a more formal occasion like a style icon, don’t ever forget to apply your favorite perfume to leave the vivacious odor behind. This season, buy perfumes online instead of making physical rounds across the fashion stores.

Women have many choices when it comes to new fragrances and over growing fashion stores bring all those notable scent labels at one place. So, just choose your perfume for the summer to stay refreshed the entire day. Fragrances for girls are an important accessory as a good outfit may shine, but it smells good only when you spray enchanting odors. Boys, too, have a strong connection with deodorant and powerful smells. … Read the rest

Buying Matsuda Sunglasses

Matsuda Sunglasses were created by a legendary Japanese fashion designer named Mitsuhiro Matsuda several decades ago. During the 1980’s and the 1990’s, these sunglasses were considered one of the ultimate luxury and stylish brands of sunglasses.

The sunglasses got a major boost in terms of popularity during these decades when they were worn by numerous celebrities. In fact, in 1991, Linda Hamilton wore a pair of Matsuda known as the “T2 Matsudas” in the blockbuster movie Terminator 2 and the sunglasses forever became a pop culture icon. They actually came to be known as the Sarah Connor sunglasses.

The brand retained its immense popularity for much of the 1990s, and was even mentioned by Sean Puffy Combs in 1998 in a rap video. Numerous shops carried extensive lines of Matsuda sunglasses because of this Hollywood effect and they were a fan and pop culture favorite. The sunglasses were generally known … Read the rest

Tube Dresses

Name History

The name ‘tube dress’ is actually a bit deceiving. Though it was initially named as a derivative of the stretchy tank top, there are now many different styles that are classified as a tube dress. It seems that the classification lies in the way the bodice is designed and how the skirt falls from there. More often than not, tube dresses have an elastic or “bunched” type of bodice, with the skirt falling straight down from the bottom of the bodice and coming about to the thigh. It generally does not have any over-the-shoulder straps, although the remaining design seems very open to interpretation.

Casual Look

More casual tube dresses are comfortable for a day of shopping, the beach, or other relaxed activities in warmer weather and are available in bright colors and beautiful, summery patterns. They make very nice sundresses, leaving bare shoulders for a bit of … Read the rest

Shoe for All Occasions

This footwear has a relatively low heel, when used by women and they are now also made in a trainer style version for more casual wear. The reason this style has become so popular is that they are essentially a very simple design, but with embellishments such as serrations at the end of the toe cap and, of course, the design of the holes on the toe cap they are also decorated with fancy stitching. The soles are often very heavy and chunky and they can be uncomfortable when first worn.

They come in a variety of materials such as leather, suede and now also canvas for a more casual style to be worn with jeans. The more formal varieties, when they are in black, can be worn with suits and they will not look out of place in the board room. This type of footwear is an essential part … Read the rest

Shoes of Our Time

In many parts of the world the ancient wooden clogs have survived as the most popular of all footwear whilst leather sandals have predominated in hotter climates. Only rubber has come close in popularity in recent decades mainly with the invention of the flip-flop.

This type of footwear is ideal in tropical countries as it is unaffected by rain water and gives almost total exposure to all but the sole of the foot.

In other parts of the world a mix of hemp and canvas or cotton gave rise to an equally popular lightweight shoe in the form of espadrilles.

For city business mens shoes have remained much the same for the past hundred years. The classic black lace-up leather shoe remains the norm for the man in a suit. Black shoes with a black or charcoal suit is standard wear for the city businessman and only a quirky touch … Read the rest