Month: May 2019

Gladiator Shoes

First of all this is an aesthetic design choice and it’s one that’s currently very popular. This is refreshing as for a long time sandals have not been in vogue, and so this way you are able to enjoy the comfort of a sandal while still looking great. Furthermore, you can also get a vast range of different styles of gladiator shoes, some of which are more like fully fledged shoes with straps and less like just sandals so there is a good range to choose from.

Picking what to where with your gladiator shoes is of course an important decision, and fortunately there are a number of ways you can guarantee that you make the very most of your new look. For instance if you want to make brown gladiator shoes really stand out, then one way to do so is with other brown accessories such as a brown … Read the rest

Using Wholesale Handbags

A look at the wholesale fashion handbags will give you real and even comprehensive information for the question asked before. These bags are designed to be very fashionable no doubt because they are sold to you from the wholesalers who get them under special arrangement from the manufacturers or designers. If you want to get these from the designers directly, you will be required to part with a very big amount of money, but since they are given as a courtesy to their major clients, the wholesalers who sell them in wholesale rate to you because you are expected to buy some quantity.

Then coming to the service these bags render, it has been discovered that they are of the same material and quality with others. When you come to the issue of size as a lot of women have now resorted to the use of the handbags for travel … Read the rest

Rugged Swiss Army Watches

Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Maverick Swiss Made Quartz Red Bezel Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch

Classic. Stunning. Solid. This timeless watch will always keep you on time, no matter what adventure you are on. The round stainless steel case houses a black dial featuring silver-tone Arabic numerals at all positions except 12:00, 2:00, 6:00, and 10:00. Take this watch on a day hike, or a multi-week trek, and you’ll stay safe, as your time is always sure to be known. Take it out on the town and you’ll be seen as that rugged mountaineer who still keeps his finger on the timeless fashions. Rounding out the stylish, masculine design is a stainless steel red unidirectional bezel. Silver-tone luminous hour and minute hands, plus a red seconds hand keep you on time without sacrificing design. This watch screams sporty sophistication for an active life.

Victorinox Swiss Army Men’s Original Swiss Quartz Black … Read the rest

Horse Riding Wear

Equestrian clothing needs to be designed for comfort, safety and a fashionable look too. You can have a range of high quality Horse Riding Wear in Large Sizes, whether you are a voluptuous woman or a man with a big physique. High quality riding wear is available, both for pleasure riding and for competition at horse shows. Brands are available in all sizes even the large sizes, where attention is paid to the design, the fabric, the cut and the seams keeping in mind the trendy fashionable attire that which will keep you comfortable and looking your best while riding. You can also get comfortable boots, shirts and jackets.

The basic ensemble of boots, shirts, pants, jackets are also available in large sizes. Riding boots protect the lower leg and give a comfortable support to the ankle while riding. Boots need to be large enough so that they are comfortable … Read the rest

Choose an Asymmetrical Skirt

  • Asymmetrical skirts are so hot now that both high end designer labels and cheaper fashion brands offer a myriad of stunning designs. So first look around in stores and online to see which skirts you can really afford to buy.
  • Study your body shape and pick the style that turns you into a real goddess. Thus, skinny girls are advised to go for ruffled skirts, while plump girls should choose a skirt with the shorter hem reaching the mid part of their legs.
  • Decide on the color and style of the skirt. Asymmetrical skirts come in a variety of shades, feature multiple eye-catching prints and designs. Make sure to pick the one, which you really like a lot.
  • Pay attention to the fabrics. Thus if you want to buy a skirt to wear more often, choose a skirt featuring easy-to-care-for, machine washable fabric. On the other hand, if you want
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Detachable Collars

Produced in a range of styles, collars can transform your threads from drab to directional, the frumpy to the flirty. They instantly add a high-fashion vibe to an otherwise plain dress or top, and are just about still niche enough to be a handy talking point at a party. Wear one of these, and you will be seen as a fashion insider, but not a sheep; someone willing to try out the trends, but with an unexpected and fresh approach.

By their very nature, then, these objects have the power to alter the total look of another item you might want to wear. A casual t-shirt can get the strict, buttoned up Victoriana makeover it’s always dreamed of! Your t-shirt can become formal , and it will thank you for it because severity and lady-likeness are so damn hot, as evidenced by Alexa Chung. That girl loves her peter pan … Read the rest

Fitover Sunglasses

One possible option that many people consider when doing their sunglass shopping is a type of sunglasses referred to as “fitover sunglasses.” Fitover sunglasses can be worn over a traditional pair of glasses by simply going over the top of the existing spectacles that you are wearing. This is a functional and cost-effective choice in most cases, and can also be a fashion-friendly choice as well.

Fitover sunglasses may be an ideal option for you if you already have a pair of glasses that you wear. While not for everyone, fitover frames are perfect for people who:

  • Need to wear glasses most or all of the time. If you always keep your glasses on, then it is convenient to be able to simply slip a pair of sunglasses over them and to not have to worry about removing the glasses or about losing them while you are wearing sunglasses. If
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Pandora Bracelet Charms

Pandora bracelet charms are available in a plethora of colors, shapes and materials. There are gold, silver, glass, wood, and enamel charms. They are also available with or without a stone. The gold charms tend to be more costly, but are much worth the price. The gold charms are all 14 karat gold, and come in different varieties and designs. Some of the gold charms have a charm, and some are mixed with silver. One example of such is the flower basket charm, which is made primarily out of silver but has a 14 karat gold bow. Another beautiful gold and silver charm is the gold and silver dragonfly charm with golden dragonflies. The touch of gold amongst the silver makes for a great contrast.

Pandora bracelet charms also have some creative designs. As mentioned above, there are the flower basket and dragonfly charms. Other fun designs include the solid

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Cowgirl Boots For Women

Whether you need a new pair of cowgirl boots to make a fashion statement or because they are practical you will find an almost infinite number of patterns and colors to choose from. The pink, red and white cowgirl boots are extremely popular, as are the tradition brown cowhide boots. Sometimes patterns of animals, flowers or other items are carved onto the side of the boot. A well designed, handmade cowgirl boot with a well-crafted design on the side looks stunning wherever you go.

There are basically two kinds of women’s western boots including the classic style and the newer roper version. The classic Western style has a tall and long shaft that goes up to the mid-calf of the wearer. It also features a shorter heel which is less than one inch high and has a pointed toe.

The roper style is modern and features a short shaft which … Read the rest

Be a Diva With a Sophisticated Look

Sure there are many varieties of handbags in many different styles and certainly there are unique designs available in the market. Popular brands such as Donna Karan New York, Prada, Christian Dior, Kate Spade and Gucci to name a few offer are great quality handbags and purses. Most women wish for the opportunity to own a name brand purse, but what is the real reason that actually holds them back? The answer that often comes to most minds is the word affordability. Speaking from experience it actually took me 52 years to get a Dooney & Bourke bag because I could not afford the luxury of such and please don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my handbag. I had a great job and even worked two jobs and I still could not afford a designer name brand handbag. If it had not been a Valentines Day gift I probably … Read the rest