Wear in Outdoor Concert Season

Some concerts are for adults only but many are family-friendly and will offer well-priced family tickets. Seating can be either on benches, foldaway chairs or picnic blankets that you bring along yourself.

In general the outdoor concert dress code is more relaxed than if you were attending a show at an indoor concert venue. Obviously, there is a difference between classical and pop music concerts. Dress codes also vary between family-oriented and more adult occasions.

Unfortunately, you do need to plan for rain as the worst thing is having to miss half the performance because you hadn’t planned on getting wet. Take a rain coat! Umbrellas will only make others angry because they inevitably block people from seeing the stage.

Also remember evenings tend to get chilly even in the summer time. If it’s a seated concert, you’ll be sitting still for a few hours so dress warmly. If you’ll be standing, wear layers you can easily remove because you might get very warm in the crowd while bopping to the beat.


Children can’t sit still for long. They’ll want to run around or fidget so make sure they’re dressed to let them do that. It’ll be even harder for them to sit still if dressed in pretty clothes that mummy doesn’t want to have to hand wash with stain remover as soon as she gets home.

Choose dark coloured trousers or leggings and team with loose-fitting tops: T-shirts for boys and tunics for girls. Floral cardigans are a nice and easy way to jazz up a girl’s outfit, and the pattern will also conceal stains.

Boys look cute in knitted cardigans in a contrasting tone to their trousers and shirt. Remember those all important rain coats. These should be fully functional not just nice to look at so any outdoor gear is suitable.


Wear a smart casual pair of trousers such as chinos or a pair in linen. Team these with a polo shirt and thin jumper or cardigan for a classy and laid back summer look. To deal with rain, bring along a classic mac that’ll keep you looking stylish all night.


Trousers paired with a nice top, or a maxi dress are the best bets for ladies as they’ll keep you nice and snug. Choose natural materials like cotton that’ll keep you comfy. Womens leather jackets look great thrown over a simple dress. The material will keep you toasty, and treated leather can also be waterproof so provides a classier alternative to a rain coat. Accessorise liberally with jewellery and a shawl that’ll also be great to wrap up in if it gets cold.