Vests for Women

With a few simple accessories and a little fashion know how, your whole outfit can change dramatically. With vests it is all about the layering effect. Having a simple pair of trousers, a blouse and a button up vest will look quite tidy, however adding a tailored jacket and a ladies tie will turn the look into something altogether amazing. This look will also work incredibly well with a tailored skirt.

The same idea applies if you were to make it more casual, throw on a pair of well-fitting jeans or tights, add a t-shirt, your vest and then maybe throw on a wide belt and a large cardigan and once again you have a fantastic look.

It all comes down to layering and making that layering look effortless.

With the way that fashion is evolving today, it is small wonder that our taste and overall attitude towards clothing is changing at a rapid pace. As we see all of the new trends walking down the runways we are becoming more aware of what colors and shapes suit our bodies and how to best show off our own personalities through our individual style.

Most department stores will have a wide range and variety of Vests for you to peruse and if there isn’t that exact piece that you were looking for then there is also the option of having something tailor-made or even going one step further and making it yourself.

With the variety of materials that are available in fabric stores these days it is quite possible to have a vest to suit every single occasion that you need it for. Having the traditional staple black vest is a must in all wardrobes, as it is the most versatile and can be pretty much be put with most other items of clothing.

However you can also be a little more daring and go for something bold to spice your closet up and even try a patter or maybe even a combination of materials. One such combination which is quite interesting is having a leather front and a chiffon back. Or vice versa, the whole idea of a little bit of see through material on an item of clothing lends it a sensual feel and look.

Once again it all depends on who you are and what you are comfortable wearing. A perfectly simple pullover vest made from cashmere or even cross blends of rich wools makes for a stunning look when coupled with the right items of clothing. These can look both luxurious and incredibly lush and still give the same feeling as the more out there styles.