Types of Horse Riding Boots

  • CLASSIC RIDING BOOTS: A description of the types of riding boots has to start with the classic one. These are the boots which were first launched to grace the feet of the riders and offer them support and control. These boots are tall, to the extent that they finish close to the knee of the rider. The length of the shoes is to make certain that the saddle is not pinching at the legs of the riders. While the toe of the boot is hard, the sole is very smooth to provide a relaxing feeling to the feet. The heel is also very tactfully designed to keep the foot properly placed, without it continuously slipping or sliding.
  • RUBBER BOOTS: Next in line are the rubber boots. As the name itself suggests, these horse riding boots use rubber to be manufactured. This makes them comfortable to be used in wet conditions. Moreover, they also happen to be cost effective when you compare them with some of the other types which are available. All of this makes them a great option to be explored for yard work. However, it is the same rubber which works as their drawback too. It doesn’t take long for them to get scuffed and start looking untidy. Moreover, rubber heats up much quickly than some of the other materials. Therefore, if the boot has to be worn in summer; it is going to be quite an uncomfortable time for the rider.

Alongside, there are some other types of boots too. One of them is the paddock boots. Their utility makes them to be called Jodhpur boots too. The reason for the same is because they are generally worn with jodhpurs. These boots, for horse riding, are much shorter than the rest and they end up at the ankle itself. This makes them pretty popular among those masses which ride for pleasure than for any other reason.

One can, moreover, also come across the western riding boots. Also known as the cowboy boots, these also have their unique qualities. They end up till the mid calf and hence are neither too long nor too short. In general cases, the material used with these boots is leather. However, customization in the same is not rare to find either.