Tees Are Back

Crew neck T-shirt for Men

This neck type suits every body type. It’s the most popular and safest choice in men’s fashion. These are the most regular types. Tees for summers are available in distinct designs. You’ll find many stores selling these in various patters and graphics. These necks are the most traditional type and in the trend forever. These look nice over denims and knee-length shorts.

V-neck T-shirt for Men

It’s suitable for the toned muscular body type. It highlights the neck and has a balancing effect on the body shape of the wearer. It emphasizes the neck while giving you slim effect around the waist and chest. They look better with the skinny denims and straight-fit pants. Also, add your flip-flops or moccasins to complete the look.

Boat Neck T-shirt for Men

If your upper part is heavy and broad, then this style is the best for you. Boat neck t-shirts highlight your shoulder, hence making the upper body less heavy. They look great at both casual and semi-casual occasions. For semi-casual look team it up with a pair of jeans and for the casual look pair it with cuffed jeans or shorts. Also, add on some accessories like wear sunglasses and watch in one hand to make the look fashionable.

Scoop-neck T-shirt for Men

This neck brings out your look wider than the boat neck. It makes you look lean around the waist and chest, just like the V-neck does. This is kind of a crew cut t-shirt. This is the casual wear cut, you wear them at the beach side or the sun kissed places. Pair them with a neutral color shorts or pants to get the oh-so-hot look. Wear slippers, if you’re dressed to hit the beach. You can check out Adidas t-shirts, they have a good range in this kind.

Henley T-shirt for Men

Henley t-shirt fits all body types. It’s both a casual and formal wear. The beauty of this tee is its button down look. Subtle colors and pastels will soothe your eyes and body temperature in this warm season.