T-shirt Fun

Colored/Patterned Jeans

Colored and patterned jeans are really popular this season. Paring a really cool t-shirt with patterned jeans (for my more daring ladies) look really cool and edgy. Colored jeans can easily complement a sweet vintage tee, and give a nice pop of summer color. Like skirts, with your rocking printed pants or bright fun jeans, it takes very little effort to transition from day time casual, to going out, by simply adding a few accessories.


Okay, so this may be a little different for some people. I actually tried this idea last summer and it worked out pretty well. First off, Rompers are great because its an outfit rolled into one. Then, adding your favorite tee over it is a really cute, quick, and comfy look. This goes really well with t-shirts that are a bit off the shoulder, and really cool with a cropped tee, or a tee that has the back cut out.


Probably one of my favorite things to pair with t-shirts, skirts are super versatile! They come in all different patterns, colors, and silhouettes. I chose A-line (above,left) and Fitted (above,right) because these styles of skirt are flattering on all body types. The awesome thing about pairing a cool tee with a t-shirt is that its super easy to look dressed up or casual, simply by changing your shoes, or adding a blazer.