Select a Men’s Shearling Coat

Check the Labels

During your research, you may have noticed one particular brand that you came across again and again, and appealed to your individual tastes and style. In general, you should look for coats that were made in the U.S., but made from pelts that were sourced from Spain, Greece, Portugal, or Italy. These countries have a centuries old tradition of tanning and using sheepskins pelts to stay warm and stylish during the colder months.

Capture Your Style With a Versatile Coat

Give some thought to your lifestyle. Where do you usually spend the most time, and where will you most often wear your shearling? Since these coats are often fairly expensive, you want to make sure your coat suits your lifestyle, particularly if this is your first sheepskin or fur coat. Every time you wear your sheepskin your return on investment increases. Since you will likely own this coat for many years, having one that is appropriate for many different environments helps you make the most of this wardrobe piece.

Look and Feel

Now for the fun part. Visit a furrier and try on a few furs. Take note of how they feel against your skin, and how they look on your frame. The best pelts have a supple exterior, free from cracks or dryness, and have a texture similar to the skin of a peach. After trying on several different coats, you will likely find one that fits perfectly and feels like a luxuriant dream. This is the quality you should look for in a sheepskin.

Find the Right Manufacturer and Furrier

Before making your ultimate purchase, research the manufacturers of the shearlings that you like best. The family owned companies that have been around for centuries have managed to stay in business for so long primarily because they consistently produce a superior product. Also consider the furrier you are working with. Always check the furriers return policy to guarantee your satisfaction.