Print on Demand T Shirts

Today there are millions of designs on thousands of products and that’s just on Cafepress. There are other print-on-demand services like Zazzle and Spreadshirt too, that are growing in size, and a whole bunch of smaller ones too.

The choice for customers became overwhelming. The challenge was to find the t shirt design you liked most in the midst of these millions of designs.

The question is how does talented designers make their products stand out?

Thanks to today’s social media, like Facebook, Twitter and especially, the now very hot Pinterest, shopkeepers can promote their designs better than ever. Especially social media services like Pinterest and instagram, that are image based services, makes it really easy to share your designs. With instagram you can even apply effects to you images, giving it a professional look without the need for expensive studio gimmicks.

In fact you can takes shots of your friends wearing your apparel with your smartphone and make the shots look a million bucks, thanks to one of the many photography apps available for smartphones and then share it on your social media platforms.

This of course means that so can those with mediocre designs. The advantage that those with good designs have is that their products will get retweeted, liked en pinned.

Some websites like T shirtcountdown has also become an option for designers to get their t shirts noticed.

T Shirtcountdown works on a voting system and is not restricted to just print on demand tees. You just upload your design and then visitors can vote on the t shirts they like most. Up to a hundred t shirts in each category gets displayed. One of the benefits of T shirtcountdown is that they regularly rank within the top ten in Google searches, for various t shirt related keywords, which means that if your design gets voted to the top of its category you are likely to get some traffic and hopefully some customers to buy your designs.

There are also bloggers dedicating their sites to t shirt designs of their liking. If you believe your designs are up to scratch it may be worth your while to get in touch with these bloggers and get them to showcase your designs.

In the end what is a beautiful design for one person, may just be atrocious to another. It all comes down to who is better at marketing their product and a “designer” who does not take the time to put together a beautiful design will most likely not bother putting much effort into their marketing either.