Opaque Tights

This type of hosiery gives women the freedom to wear micro miniskirts and shorts while leaving much more to the imagination. They also make the wearer look svelte and toned. Tights tone down dressier fashion choices and making them look more casual. Pair a sequined mini dress with black opaque tights and ballet flats for a fun Friday night girl’s night out.

Black tights provide more coverage and make the wearer look less overtly sexy. Wear them with a vintage top and a tailored miniskirt for an outfit that screams “I don’t try that hard.” Who says you cannot wear your old sweatshirt out anymore? Matched with black tights, large sunglasses and ankle length wedges; you’re old top will make you look fashionably disheveled. If you are top heavy, invest in coloured tights instead or opt for gray. Black will make your legs look thinner. If you must wear black tights, pair it with a flowy top to make your shoulders look softer.

Opaque tights are a Catholic schoolgirl staple that looks both sexy and innocent. They are a cost-effective way to make your older clothes look current. Opaque tights come in many colours. Neon colours look best with loud Aztec print shirts and dresses. Look through fashion community sites like Lookbook.nu for inspiration. You can choose loud neon coloured opaque tights and pair them with sombre ensembles for a quirky feel. Black tights can be worn with loud and bright prints. They help inject a more sombre tone to prevent the wearer from looking like she just stepped out of an 80’s show.

Black opaque tights can be worn with anything. Petite women can opt for a black shoe with a higher heel to make them seem taller. They also look nice when paired with glittery ballet flats and a vintage-style chiffon dress. This fashion accessory is a great way to spruce up an outfit and comes in a variety of colours and designs. The smart fashionista knows that this item is one that will stay fashionable for a very long time. Yes, black tights are definitely here to stay.