Neons and Pastels

As a tip for color-blocking wannabes, experts say that the easiest way to create a perfectly color-blocked look is by using a color wheel. A color wheel is arranged in such a way that you can easily see which color is the opposite of another. For instance, the color violet is opposite yellow in the wheel; therefore, these two colors contrast each other but still compliment each other in a very good way. Same goes with orange and blue, and hot pink and neon green.

Another tip for those who want to play with colors, try mixing neutral colors with bold neon colors. Neutral colors are black, white, brown, gray and nude colors. You can take ONLY one of these colors and pair them with a loud color or two to balance it out. For example, you can put a pair of chocolate brown pants, pink top and a pair of peach wedges in one outfit. Another good combination is wearing coral vest over a light gray dress and finishing it with ivory-colored platforms.

Basically, sky is the limit when it comes to color-blocking. Just be careful in putting too many neon or pastel colors all in one outfit as it can do more repelling that attracting the eyes of your spectators. You can use more than three colors, but using only two puts you on the safe side.

Last advice, color-blocking with an outfit is so flexible that you can even combine it with prints and textured items. Wearing a lacey purple top can go well with a yellow skirt or anything that is also loud in color or pattern.

Color-blocking has become so popular these days that almost all women are giving it a try. More and more women are coming out of their shells and experimenting with colors and prints. Gone are the days when wearing bold colors are only exclusive for fair-skinned girls. Now, confidence goes a long way in wearing colors that used to be perceived as an exclusive tone. Color-blocking brings out the wild and fun side among women whilst eliminating reservations when it comes to expressing oneself through clothes. This goes to show that fashion is a truly revolutionized lifestyle and the once “absurd” ideas are now the trending everyday wear of the modern women these days.