Nail Care

Today nails have become a fashion accessory, and with the advent the modern fashion scene, polishes are becoming an increasingly popular item for the stylish and elegant woman. The nude look and the French manicure were once the in-thing, but today bold colors are making a big comeback as more and more designers and artists are moving towards bright and metallic colors. The most sought-after style of colors these days are glittering gold tones, bright coral colors such as orange or orange-pink, and ombre, which is a gradual shading from lighter to darker hues.

The trend has also been moving towards long, slender, almond-shaped nails and in this age more than ever before design, color and style are being highlighted. The modern woman is no longer satisfied with plain polish products. She wants to boast of well-manicured nails with unique nail art designs to match her ensemble.

Many women use nail polish or nail varnish to either decorate their fingernails and toenails or to protect their nail plates. Nail polish no longer comes only in the three basic colors of red, pink and brown, but today you have a range of designs and colors for your nails. For that clean and glossy look for your nails, you can apply transparent nail varnish.

Acrylic gel polish is usually applied over a coat of colored nail polish so as to provide a glossy layer and to protect the underlying nail polish from getting chipped. Another typical product for the care of nails is nail polish remover, an organic solvent. Many products these days also contain oils, perfumes and coloring. The newer types in the market usually contain ethyl acetate instead of acetone. These may not be as strong and effective as the latter, but they are gentler on the nails and provide better nail care in the long run.