Lace Bikini Romper

Bikini petti rompers are the new trend in toddler girls’ fashion. Much like the lace petti romper, the lace bikini rompers have that beautiful, soft, vintage feel. In addition to photos, they are perfect for playdates and parties. Bikini rompers come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from soft pastels to vibrant hues. Whether you’re looking for Easter portraits or a fun summer outfit, there is a color to match any occasion.

Made from soft, stretchy fabric, these bikini rompers won’t bother your toddler while she plays. The elastic is gentle and the ruffles are delicate. She will be able to play in this outfit all day without an itch or tickle from the fabric.

Bikini rompers don’t stray far from the current lace petti romper look. The material and colors are often identical, especially when purchased from the same vendor. The top of the bikini is a strapless tube top, layered with gorgeous lace ruffles. The bottom portion is not cut like a bikini bathing suit. Instead, they are an adorable pair of ruffled shorts that match the lace top perfectly. The shorts allow your daughter to be comfortable, modest, and fashionable. For the perfect finishing touch, a coordinating satin bow accents the right hip of the shorts. The look is absolutely adorable.

While these precious sets may be called bikini rompers, they are not intended for swimming. The term “bikini” refers to their two piece design.

Because this is a new trend, it may be tough to get your hands on one! A few online accessory and hair bow supply stores currently offer these two piece rompers. A simple Google search should point you in the right direction.

This new bikini romper is the perfect addition to any little girl’s dress up closet. It is the latest must-have outfit for tea parties and princess parties. Be sure she has access to coordinating jewelry, flowers, and accessories so she can complete her outfit. You will not believe the gorgeous photos she can take in this romper! A new design with a classic look, a perfect choice for your little girl.