Footwear Guide

Flats are on your must-haves in your closet. You can wear this versatile pear any season. Depending on the color and details of your flats, you can wear them to make a chic daytime outfit or a comfy but trendy nighttime wear. You can choose from the ballerina, the really pointed one, or the pair that has tassels or metal accents. There are even those made of metallic fabric or with colored jewels that can make your shirt and jeans look really hot even at night.

Another staple in a woman’s wardrobe should be black pumps. Heels make everyone’s legs and posture better-looking and can be worn with almost any outfit. They’re perfect for the office and for cocktail parties. You shouldn’t wear heels all the time, though. Always have a pair of flats with you. Keep them in your office, purse, or car, so you can change into them when your feet are tired from your pumps.

Sandals also make your legs look better. But you should save them for wearing during the warmer periods of the year. They really look fabulous when worn with a maxi dress or a flowing skirt. And remember that stylish women always keep their feet and toes clean, particularly when showing them off in sandals. If you’re wearing nail polish, make sure that it doesn’t have any cracks.

Boots aren’t limited anymore for wearing in winter. You can wear shorter ones, like ankle boots, at any time of the year, as long as you’re comfortable with them. Boots can be worn with shorts, jeans, leggings, or skirts of any length. However, when wearing ankle boots with your skirt, you should wear opaque tights.

Knowing these basic tips about footwear fashion can make a big difference in your shopping and in your whole wardrobe. These will also help you decide on what shoe to wear with what outfit everyday.