Fitover Sunglasses

One possible option that many people consider when doing their sunglass shopping is a type of sunglasses referred to as “fitover sunglasses.” Fitover sunglasses can be worn over a traditional pair of glasses by simply going over the top of the existing spectacles that you are wearing. This is a functional and cost-effective choice in most cases, and can also be a fashion-friendly choice as well.

Fitover sunglasses may be an ideal option for you if you already have a pair of glasses that you wear. While not for everyone, fitover frames are perfect for people who:

  • Need to wear glasses most or all of the time. If you always keep your glasses on, then it is convenient to be able to simply slip a pair of sunglasses over them and to not have to worry about removing the glasses or about losing them while you are wearing sunglasses. If you wear your glasses only occasionally, however, then fitover sunglasses may not be your best bet since they really best over an existing glasses pair. This would mean that you would have to first put on your glasses before putting on the fitover frames.
  • Don’t want prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are an alternative to fitover sunglasses for people who need glasses to see. Prescription sunglasses tend to be a more expensive choice than fitover glasses since you have to get two sets of prescription lenses (one for your regular glasses and one for the sunglasses). People who place a premium on saving money and who don’t want to waste it on two pairs of prescription lenses can enjoy the cost-saving benefits of fitovers.
  • Like the selection of fitover sunglasses available. Fitover sunglasses, by definition, have to be a little bit larger than regular sunglasses since they fit over your existing eyeglasses. This can limit your fashion options in terms of your sunglass purchase. However, there are plenty of stylish and fashionable fitover frames that you can buy on the market today. If you have small glasses frames, then the fitovers can also be correspondingly small as well and can look great on your face.
  • Place a premium on convenience. It is much more convenient to have only one pair of glasses instead of having two pairs of glasses. You are able to avoid having to switch to different pairs, carry multiple pairs of glasses, carry two different glasses cases and take the risk of losing one pair of glasses while wearing the other.