Designer Fur Coats


The most important thing when choosing a fur is finding one that you love wearing. You want a coat that makes you feel comfortable, luxurious, and sexy. It should embrace your body and make you want to wear it all the time. As a smart consumer, you are not going to settle for less. Check out all of the different styles online, and try to pick out a couple of key design elements that are must-haves. What length do you think will feel best on your body? What color or texture suits you best?

Maybe you want to consider a hooded stroller if your personality type is more fun and sporty. On the other hand, a long black mink for reserved elegance. The important thing is to consider your own personality and style. Your choice of fur should accentuate your assets and exude your natural style. Even if it is not a brand name fur, if it looks and feels good, this is the coat for you.


Think about when and where you will wear your fur most often. Do you plan to only wear this to black-tie events? Or perhaps something you can throw on to go run errands, but also looks great out on the town. If this is your first fur coat, it is recommended that you buy the most versatile coat possible. One that you will want to wear all the time, and will look appropriate for the situation everywhere you go. Buying a jacket that you wear all the time is more important than simply paying extra for a name brand.

As you deepen your fur collection, you may want to add long elegant coats for very formal affairs, or fur accessories like a stole, scarves, vests, and earmuffs when the climate does not quite necessitate a full coat. When buying your first, second, or tenth fur, you must always ask yourself what purpose you want it to serve.


Finally, you must consider how much you can ultimately afford to spend on this luxury investment. On even the tightest budget you can find quality coats at reasonable prices, or you can introduce fur to your wardrobe inexpensively by starting with fur accessories. Keep in mind that a fur coat is a timeless keepsake, and will likely pass on to your future generations. For this reason it is important to find a quality, durable fur that suits your personality and needs.