Croatian Boudoir

Promptly into my excursion in the boutique I am offered tea or coffee. As one of the dainty designers makes her way in high heels across the cobblestone street to fetch us all tea and coffee I mingle around the boutique quickly deciding which designs I would like to take. “All of them” I exclaim “I want everything”. By now their assistant has arrived with her laptop in tow and seems just as excited about this new collaboration as we are. From a noir sequin bodice with midnight blue roses cascading down the side to an Old Gold shimmer halter style dress I am in lust and in no condition to negotiate a deal since the glow in my eyes is permeating the boutique. I finally make my selections and we place them all together on a beautiful ornate metal clothing rack and decide to break for our tea. We all sit together as if we are “ladies who lunch” and sip our teas and espressos while Martina explains her and her sister’s other business venture. You can read more about this on my blog – Whimsical Role Playing

As our cups are emptying we decide to finalize our deal and discuss how many Kunas my bountiful loot will cost me. I am hoping for a magical number while the twin designers are discussing their offer in Croatian. Finally a deal is agreed upon and I feel so exhilarated yet it seems bittersweet since our first encounter is coming to an end.

Their collections range from magical feminine beauty to slightly darker sultry moods. Oscillating from graceful pastel colored fairies to subtle S&M messages that speak volumes about the essence of female power in fashion.