Creeping Back To Blighty

When, after the war, the troops were transported back to England, the ex-service men kept on wearing this footwear, more often than not, wore them to the nightspots in the towns. Frequently they went to visit the ladies in the brothels after a night out and so the name Brothel Creepers became synonymous with these types of shoes.

In the Fifties this footwear became popular and was the footwear of choice during the Rock and Roll era. Elvis Presley even wrote a song about them called blue suede shoes. They were popular with many different song cultures and also in the Teddy boy era.

Nowadays the design has been much improved. The modern versions are very stylish, but they still have their trademark of very thick crepe soles. They are still being worn by certain band members today. They are produced in any style and colours, such as winkle pickers and some of them even have wedged heels and there are now also patterned versions available. Most of these can be viewed on the internet.

These shoes could be of some use by people who have tender feet such as diabetics. If you should become diabetic then foot care is of the most importance. As the small blood capillaries die off, the feet will become numb and will have no feeling and going barefoot is very dangerous. These shoes should keep your feet safe.

I have known a diabetic who stubbed his toe and did not know it. A week or so later he developed an ulcer and by going to his nearest hospital immediately it was in the end not necessary to amputate the foot.

In London there is still a shop that sells the original versions. However, it is much easier to have a look on the many websites to make a choice that is right for you. These days, internet shopping is very easy and safe. Your credit card details are not likely to be cloned as only electronic processing is used.

The internet also has the advantage that you do not have to walk miles to find the right footwear. By sitting in a comfortable chair you can pick out any style you like. When your credit card has been approved your shoes will be dispatched immediately if they are in stock.If they are not, then they will still be with you as soon as possible