Couture Wedding Dresses

The dress can be made to suit your body shape

It is easy to think that two women of the same size will both fit into the same dress. But of course we are all individuals and we are all different. When you opt for couture wedding dresses you can be assured that this most important gown will fit you beautifully. If there are parts you would rather disguise and other parts you would like to accentuate to make you feel more confident, you can do so in the design process.

You can be sure you have a bespoke design no one else will ever wear

Couture wedding dresses provide every bride who selects this option with a unique, one off gown. For most couples their wedding is the most memorable day they will ever spend together – it is the beginning of the rest of their married life.

As such, it is wonderful to have a gown that was designed for you and nobody else. You may already have ideas on the design that you could request to be incorporated. Perhaps you have a particular affinity and love for lace; alternatively you may have seen pictures of your parents’ wedding and want something that will bring back memories of your mother’s dress. Whatever you opt for you can be sure it will be highly personal to you.

You can keep your dress and perhaps even pass it down as a family heirloom

There is no doubt that couture wedding dresses are far more valuable and revered than off the rack fashions. A considerable amount of thought and work goes into every single bespoke wedding dress that is made, in order to be assured that it meets every expectation of the bride to be. As such the gown is more than just a beautiful dress; it provides memories of your special day but it is also a unique item that becomes part of your family history. If it is carefully and delicately preserved after the big day is over, it can be passed down through future generations if you so desire.