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Bandage Dresses


Today, bandage dresses are all the rave not just among Hollywood A-listers but also among many teens and young professional females. The arrival of bandage dresses in the fashion scene is much like the advent of skinny jeans where people would wonder why it is only “in” now when it in fact it is such a no-brainer must-have item that works its magic on every body type. Additionally, it compliments almost any other accessories and fashion item paired with it. Bandage dresses are definitely here for the taking just like when skinny jeans were here to stay.


Sharing the limelight with LBD as the “staple” item in every girl’s closet, bandage dresses come in various colors, patterns, prints and designs. While the bodycon dress is already sexy and flattering on its own, designers even added spice to this piece of clothing by combining it with other colors, sexy-illusion patterns, sheer cloths, embellishments and crochets, color-blocking techniques, and using glittery or shimmering fabric or metallic colors which are very hot in the fashion scene these days.


Bodycons give more reasons for modern women to hit the gym and watch their carbohydrates count. Bandage dresses is the ultimate dream wear for women who want to achieve a curvier physique and a more well-defined shape which can be shown off in just about any type of clothing.

One more reason to have this piece of clothing aside from its clear-cut sexy and sultry shape is that bandage dresses to do not cost a fortune. Unlike other trendy items which would cost one an arm and a leg, bandage dresses are available in many online shops and physical stores which come in great deals and a myriad of selection for every woman’s unique taste. Also, because it is very much coveted these days, they even come in discounted prices giving women all the reasons to reward themselves with one of this popular apparel.

Select Plus Size Clothes

Earlier, fashionable plus-size clothing used to be a dream for large-size women, but not now. Now you can get a wide range of fashionable clothes for larger women. Due to the high demand of plus-size clothing, lots of designers are exclusively designing plus-size clothes. Plus-sized clothes are available in many styles and colors and are designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Before you start your shopping, you must know the accurate measurement of your body curve, so that you can choose the best-fitting clothes for you. Here are a few fashion tips that will help you choose the right fashionable clothes for your plus-size figure.

Be attentive to clothes that fit you

A big mistake that many plus-sized women make while buying clothes is that, they select the clothes that doesn’t fit them properly. They tend to select smaller-sized clothes in order to look slim. While doing so, they forget that tight clothes will only reveal their problem areas. On the other hand, some of them select loose-fitting clothes thinking that this will hide their problem areas. They must understand that these tent-like clothes will instead hide their assets and will make them appear even bulkier. Take a trial of clothes before buying them and find out which one fits you the best.

Search for the right pattern

Another tip to find the right clothes is to select the clothes with the most suitable pattern. You should select the pattern keeping your figure in mind. Keep on trying various patterns available in plus-size clothes, so that you can find out which pattern looks good on you. The pattern should not hide the assets of your figure. Make sure that you don’t cover an appealing cleavage, a small waist, thin legs or a nice posterior. Try your best to select the clothes that show off the assets of your figure and at the same time conceal your problem areas.
Follow the trend

Many plus-sized women have a misconception that the fabulous-looking clothes are only for slimmer women. This is not true at all. Many items like skinny jeans, fitted blazers, tights, etc will help you to look slimmer. So don’t be afraid of buying such clothes they will make you look fashionable

Finally, plus-size clothing might be a bit different from the ordinary clothing, but the selection process for the clothing is not different. The main point to keep in mind is that you have to choose the patterns which highlight the assets of your figure and hide the problem areas. You can also use accessories to draw attention away from the problem areas. This will give you a beautiful and elegant look.

Mens Wedding Suits

Shopping for wedding suits can be intimidating as the choice is far too wide. You must choose the wedding suit based on the wedding formality – formal or semi formal wedding. Here are some invaluable tips for selecting your wedding suit.

  • As soon as the marriage date is fixed, begin exploring the malls and stores in your neighborhood. The earlier you start scouting for the wedding suits the greater will be your lead time. Look for the cuts and styles that fascinate you and also remember your budget.
  • You must choose the color that blends well with your skin tone. You can discuss your choice of color with your bride to make sure that it matches the color of her wedding gown. The most popular colors are white, gray and black for a man’s suit.
  • The suit has to be perfectly stitched so that you are totally comfortable wearing it. Make sure you to try your suit and move around a bit to ensure the fit is perfect. Remember you will also dance with your guests and you should move your legs with ease.
  • The design of the suit must go well with your personality. You must bestow attention to the style and cuts and were something trendy as fashions keep changing.
  • Make sure the jacket fits properly in the shoulders and if it does not, the suit is not worth wearing. Never be misled whatever the seller may tell you. The sleeves should end at the hinge of your wrist so that your dress-shirt cuff peeps out.
  • When selecting the fabric of your suit, you must consider the weather. For a summer wedding, you must choose a light fabric and wool, tweeds or cashmere for a winter wedding. Whatever the season of the wedding, opt for the wrinkle-free fabric. You can also choose microfibers and polyester, which appear trendy and linen is favored by many.
  • Avoid as far as possible buying your suit online. There can be no assurance that you will receive your suit in time for your wedding. Even if you receive it early, there is no guarantee about the stitching and you may not have the time to alter or exchange it for another.
  • If you decide on a custom-made wedding suit, select the fabric and fix the tailor at least a month in advance – so that you have ample time for alterations
  • Make sure the tailoring is done in such a way that goes well with your physical frame. Any oversized or undersized suit will make you look clownish. It is worthwhile to have your suit altered by an experienced professional tailor. Your suit needs to be tailored to your body and there can be no compromise.

Customized Lanyard

The notion of having a customized lace is a new up and coming trend. People like the idea of being able to pick out the colors, styles of the beads, size of the beads, and the length of the accessory. While sometimes the jewelry in stores is a perfect fit. People know that if they have a customized lanyard it is sure to fit their exact style. Sometimes employers order a large quantity of these accessories for their entire staff. They often order them to advertise the company name by putting the business’ name and logo on the ID string. Sometimes people order them in bulk to give to their fellow co-workers. In this case they are more likely to be beaded and colorful than to be used for advertising. They are a great way for employees to renovate in a way that is professional yet fun. It keeps them organized as they are able to attach their keys and identification card or swipe card directly to their customized cord. It is not fun to lose important items. These cords may enable people less likely to be constantly search for their badge or keys. Giving them a way to keep their personal and professional items in order is one reason to purchase a lanyard. They fit most dress codes and are permitted in most settings both formal and friendly. These days companies are starting to put the devices that open and close the doors at the same level as one’s badge hangs from the customized lanyard. This is very helpful for when someone wants to enter a locked door, but they have their hands full. They can easily walk over to the electronic device that opens that door and press their badge against it. They do not need to set down all of their belongings because the fancy laces make it more convenient than that. Customized lanyards are great for when a group of people are traveling together. They can look around to find other people with the same ID cord and make sure that they are able to meet back up with their group. They can even see people from afar. They are also nice from clubs and groups that want to have a fun way to wear something in common. Even at a book club or something of this nature, people like to have a way to match with their fellow club members.

Nice Shirts for Men

A button-up white shirt makes the finest fashion statement for any urban man. It withdraws a lot of class, style and cool quotient to all the men who want to appear elegant as well as trendy at the same time. The word is that the choice of dressing yourself in a white shirt would never ever go wrong!

White shirts come cheaper and you can always keep a check on its price under your budget. This classic menswear, which comes with a wide range of choices, would allow your pocket to breathe monetarily even on the fanciest occasions. And now that you always have this smart option, let us talk about other cool colors that are trending this season. The small checks are once again in. Colors like classic blue, gray, and light purple are the pick of the season.

Now it all boils down to the selection of right brands. If you are looking for formal shirts online, Arrow Classic, Louis Phillipe, and Peter England give you great range at good price. If it is semi-formal look that you want to go with, try the French Connection series of men’s shirts. You would find them fabulous with flawlessly stitched premium fabric. Their shirts give you that leaner look that would always make you more suited for any occasion.

Choosing the style of a shirt from a diverse range of menswear is a tough task and calls for an eye for details. Shirts can be as diverse as anything fashionable. The cuffs, buttons, collars, pockets, stitching, kind of fabric, etc. all count in very significantly when you have to make the final choice. For the widest of options and a lot of trendiest range, you can always check men’s shirts online. There are some good shopping websites that offer a comprehensive range of menswear.

You can enjoy ease of choosing over a number of shirts being displayed right before you. You can use search filters to zero-in on the specifics such as color, price, brand, and style. The good shopping portals offer 30-day return policy and free shipping to your home address. Try shopping for the best shirts online. Second option would always be going downtown for the shopping spree, as usual.

Steel Boned Corsets

Organic steel boned corsets for over-bust and under-bust wearing as well as spiral corsets are available from top manufacturers. They are perfect for parties and dates and also for weddings, prom nights and more. High quality corsets are now available in a variety of fabrics including brocade, cotton, and polyester, taffeta, satin and velvet. Steel boned corsets with pure cotton lining are comfortable to wear and use.

If you are looking for a convenient way to make your figure look hip and svelte, then these corsets can be the perfect choice. You can even gift it to your woman wanting to look slim and attractive. They can be a great choice to wear for parties and social events where your appearance will be under close scrutiny by friends and admirers.

Steel boned corsets is the best way to get back that confident look and stylish attitude that is the real secret of today’s fashion conscious women. Don’t let those extra pounds deny you the opportunity to look your very best at the party tonight. There are a variety of designs to choose from such as elegant black steel corset or the extremely striking turquoise polka corset. The best brands come with a soft padding inside the corset. It helps in enhancing the comfort factor.

Contrary to what some women think, wearing a corset is not at all cumbersome and inconvenient. The stripes that come with the corsets are designed to keep the bust tucked in and to give your body the perfect looking shape. There are many ways in which you can experiment with corsets in terms of designs. There are unique and innovative designs such as the newspaper print under-bust or the floral design ones.

Steel boned corsets are fast becoming a rage among women because it gives their bodies the perfect figure look within no time. Corsets are becoming a trendy inner cloth category that stylish and go-getting women cannot do without. It is a great confidence booster and can help you look squarely at the world without having to bother about burgeoning waist lines. You can order your favourite steel boned corsets online from the numerous brands and varieties available.

Neons and Pastels

As a tip for color-blocking wannabes, experts say that the easiest way to create a perfectly color-blocked look is by using a color wheel. A color wheel is arranged in such a way that you can easily see which color is the opposite of another. For instance, the color violet is opposite yellow in the wheel; therefore, these two colors contrast each other but still compliment each other in a very good way. Same goes with orange and blue, and hot pink and neon green.

Another tip for those who want to play with colors, try mixing neutral colors with bold neon colors. Neutral colors are black, white, brown, gray and nude colors. You can take ONLY one of these colors and pair them with a loud color or two to balance it out. For example, you can put a pair of chocolate brown pants, pink top and a pair of peach wedges in one outfit. Another good combination is wearing coral vest over a light gray dress and finishing it with ivory-colored platforms.

Basically, sky is the limit when it comes to color-blocking. Just be careful in putting too many neon or pastel colors all in one outfit as it can do more repelling that attracting the eyes of your spectators. You can use more than three colors, but using only two puts you on the safe side.

Last advice, color-blocking with an outfit is so flexible that you can even combine it with prints and textured items. Wearing a lacey purple top can go well with a yellow skirt or anything that is also loud in color or pattern.

Color-blocking has become so popular these days that almost all women are giving it a try. More and more women are coming out of their shells and experimenting with colors and prints. Gone are the days when wearing bold colors are only exclusive for fair-skinned girls. Now, confidence goes a long way in wearing colors that used to be perceived as an exclusive tone. Color-blocking brings out the wild and fun side among women whilst eliminating reservations when it comes to expressing oneself through clothes. This goes to show that fashion is a truly revolutionized lifestyle and the once “absurd” ideas are now the trending everyday wear of the modern women these days.

Wear New Colours

One of the first things to do is select trendy shades that suit your skin tone. The only way to do is by holding swatches of material to your face in order to see which ones flatter you the best. Take a good friend along with you for another opinion in case you feel that you cannot do this on your own.

It is never a good idea to be adventurous just for the sake of it. If the new fashion looks very startling on you then it is best that you avoid it. The simplest and cheapest way of incorporating fashionable hues in your wardrobe is by getting scarves, handbags or shoes in those particular shades. Buy the accessories that go best with your existing wardrobe so that you do not have to spend a great deal of money. You could also use the colour on your nails or lips, as long as it is garnet, rose or fuchsia. You can slowly incorporate more hues into your look and the transition will not look too sudden.

Once you have introduced new colours to your wardrobe you can have great fun picking out new clothes to wear. If you were to look through fashion magazines these days you would see that bright dresses, jeans and skirts hog the pages. In other words, you will have plenty of outfits to choose from and can come up with a variety of interesting combinations.

If you feel more confident about experimenting with fashion you could even wear contrasting colours. Orange and hot pink is a very daring combination that will surely attract attention. However, if you want to make smaller fashion risks then you could wear bright colours with white or black. Over time you will be able to come up with an interesting colour palette that will mark you out as a fashion forward person.

Long Skirts Worn

Some Attractive Varieties

  • Straight skirts: This type of apparel is extremely stylish and elegant. It is usually worn on formal occasions though it can also be worn on casual occasions. Some of these women wears have slits at the back where as some have slits at the sides. Some of them have slits in the front too. It is available in various types of fabrics including satin, silk, cotton and polyester. It can be chosen according the type of occasion.
  • Wrap skirts: The wrap skirts are suitable for all body types. It is usually wrapped at the waist and appears sophisticated. It is very popular and widely worn on special occasions. It is available in most of the online and offline stores at affordable price rates. It is also available in different types of fabrics.
  • A-line skirt: It appears elegant on all body types. It can be worn with a short jacket or blouse. If the skirt includes patterns or flowers, it would be elegant to wear plain colored blouse.
  • Ruffled skirt: Another variety of long skirt includes the ruffled skirt which appears elegant on lean body type. As it exudes a large appearance, it is not suitable for women on the heavier side as they may tend to appear larger.
  • Mermaid skirts: These types of apparels have tight fittings near the waist and the hips which extend to the knees. The bottom part of these women wears is quite unique as it flares down which appear similar to a mermaid. It exudes an elegant appearance when worn by tall and slim women.
  • Long skirts with laces: There are beautiful dresses with laces and frills which add to the beauty of the wearer. Laced skirts are available in different varieties which include different fabrics and colors to suit different preferences.
  • Flowing skirts: There are apparels which commonly known as the flowing summer skirts. It reaches up to the ankles and is quite comfortable. It is available in a wide variety of floral prints and designs. Cotton is the most common fabric used in these apparels.
  • Box pleated skirts: These long frocks have pleats which appear quite stylish and chic. It is ideal for all body types. Moreover as it includes number of pleats, it is quite comfortable compared to the tight attires.

Most of these exclusive varieties of apparels can be bought easily from the online stores at various price rates.

Wear a Bodycon Dress

A bodycon dress is essentially a tight fitting, figure hugging dress, made from elasticised material or composite material such as spandex or lycra. They tend to be short in length, usually falling to about mid-thigh level although you do occasionally see longer styles.

Due to their tightness, this style of dress certainly isn’t flattering for all figures. Ideally this dress works best on a woman with an hourglass shape that is having a bust and hips of roughly equal size with a narrow waist. When you consider the dress’s construction, tight stretchy material, it is understandable that those with curves will be better served than those without. These dresses are also generally low cut to show cleavage, which is why bustier women will look better than those with little chest.

Therefore, women with a straight up and down figure, or small hips and bust will find that the bodycon does nothing for them. Similarly a pear shape figure, that is hips that are much larger than the bust, will want to steer clear of this dress. Remember, there’s nowhere for your body to hide in a dress like this, and as pear shapes tend to have much larger bottoms without the counterbalance of a big chest, the bodycon will only highlight your problem areas and fail to capitalise on your good points.

Now, even if you are an hourglass figure, there are still many ways in which to wear a bodycon to suit the look you’re going for, as well as some pitfalls to avoid.

For instance, many high street retailers carry lines of bodycon with cutouts to add some versatility to this streamlined style. Have a look at where the cutouts occur and what parts of skin you may end up flashing. If you’ve got a flat stomach, cutouts along the side seams can add a bit of sexiness, but obviously this would be better suited for a night out clubbing than in the office. There are also many designs with cutouts along the back, such as with cross-crossing straps. Perfect for toned shoulders and a bit of sophistication.

Alternatively, if you are a dress fanatic and really want to show off your legs, while looking smart and professional at work, opt for a slash or u neck design in a single colour and pair with a cardigan. The clingier and thinner the material, the more of your shape you’re going to reveal, so for a classier option, choose ribbed or panelled designs.