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Salwar Kameez

It may seem like an open and shut case when it comes to wearing a salwar kameez, but there are some guidelines that if followed could bring the results that you want when you look in the mirror. Let’s talk about style and color. There are many salwar kameez designs for many occasions, but the best rule of dress is to consider which flatters your body the best. For example women who are busty or full figured might want to lean toward darker colors and A-line styles while thinner women would probably want to try an anarkali and experiment with a little more texture. Women of darker complexion should consider sticking to darker colors like maroon and browns while lighter complexioned women should consider lighter colors like pinks and light greens. Sticking to colors and cuts of dress that compliment your body will make for a lot of compliments.

Necklines are a very important part of wearing a salwar kameez. The right neckline can redirect attention away from areas that you don’t want, and accent your greatest assets. For the woman who wants to draw attention away from her bust a V neckline could do that for you. For the woman who wants a little more height a Chinese collar will make you look taller. For a woman who wants to play herself up a little bit, she could try salwar kameez designs with different neck lines. It is a small change that can make a big impact.

Designs, additives, and embellishments should also be chosen based on your body type. Stripes provide a slimming look while pleats and thicker designs tend to make you look fuller. To draw attention away from your shoulders try more elaborate embellishments around the neckline and avoid straps. To pull in your stomach try wearing a skirt around your waist and use pleats to hide any bulge. To add a little body to your look try a thicker dupatta if you are thinner. Remember that clothes are made to make you look good. You are the centerpiece not the accessory.

Once you have perfected your wardrobe with the salwar kameez designs of your dreams it is important to maintain them. Cleaning and ironing a salwar kameez should be done with extreme care. It is best just to get an expensive and decorative garment cleaned and ironed professionally. Embroidery is delicate and it should be maintained diligently.

Become a Style Icon

But just what does it take to be called a style icon? Many people think it’s being able to choose the right clothes and the right look. Having the best accessories also helps, like the best bags or the shiniest bling. It means never having to buy designer knock-offs, she never calls other women the “B” word and never ever puts her “competitors” down in public. Age is just a chronological number to her and not something to be feared. She doesn’t think “stay-at-home-moms” is equivalent to not working and the word “stereotype” is not in her vocabulary. Being stylish also means never having to follow any style fad but marching to your own beat and being followed instead. She mixes and matches bargain deals with high-end pieces to make for a timeless wardrobe unmatched by any.

To start being a style icon, you have to understand that stylish women are all about individuality, of not being afraid to show the world their personality. The first step therefore, is always educating yourself on anything and everything new – what clothes match and what don’t, what accessories are great for this look and what isn’t. You can call it learning by theory especially if you observe how the known style icons put their looks together, but once you get the hang of it, you’re on your way.

The next step to being a style icon is to do an inventory of your existing wardrobe. Chuck out everything you’ve had since the 80s and keep those timeless pieces that you can mix and match with modern ones. Mixing and matching can be quite a challenge, especially if you don’t know much about the right combinations so it’s best to start with something “safe” – you know, black on black, black and white, grey and white, etc.

Being a style icon means also being adventurous with your fashion choices. When going clothes-shopping, don’t be afraid to try on different styles to see what looks suit you best or at least what you can carry off without too much trouble. Trying on new colors and new styles will bring out the fashion diva that’s long been buried under baggy shirts and pants. Experiment and have fun and soon enough, you’ll discover the look that’s YOU.

The most important thing to remember stylish women needn’t be on top of the best-dressed lists and for dressing up to become somebody you’re not. Simply put, to become a style icon is to be yourself, to enhance your positive attributes and not dwell on the negatives. It means being happy and content with what you have, how you look and how you are and not trying to be anybody else who fits into the “popular” mode. You can just be in a plain white shirt, blue jeans and a cardigan but still be able to turn heads, not because of what you have on but because of the confidence and contentment you exude.

Accessorise a Pair of Skinny Jeans

The Jeans Themselves

First things first, you need to invest in at least one appropriate pair of jeans. Not all will be OK to wear to work or an evening out. To satisfy stricter dress codes, choose dark tones without any bleach effects, frayed edges or rips.

For casual days out you can wear whatever style you feel like; there are no rules.


Most offices will let you wear jeans to work these days, apart from some representing the more conservative industries such as law and finance where dress code standards are generally higher.

It’s still a good idea to keep things smart by pairing your jeans with classic tees, blouses and cardigans.

When it comes to accessorising, a great way to jazz up a plain jeans and shirt combo is by adding a splash of colour with a shawl or scarf. Floral patterns and animal prints are excellent choices.

Team the outfit with a pair of leather flats: brogues or loafers. These are very comfortable yet also professional.

For work the most practical choice is an oversized bag, in which you can fit everything you might need for the office. These look great worn with a simple outfit. A leather bag is best. You could also opt for a satchel.


Most bars and clubs will let you in with a pair of jeans these days, provided they’re worn with the right outfit combinations. This kind of outfit will also work for events like art show openings and concerts.

Throw on a low cut top in a stand-out fabric like satin or velvet that will contrast nicely with the denim.

Accessorise liberally. Think sky-high heels if you can manage, or at least a pair of sparkly or patent flats.

Opt for a small clutch to carry around your purse essentials.

This is your time to shine so wear lots of jewellery like sparkly earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. Pair these wisely, however, as too much sparkle can actually end up looking cheap.

Team a sparkly bracelet with simple silver or pearl earrings and a necklace. Try to balance it out.


It’s great to have the freedom to wear whatever you want on days off and weekends. On days like that you can wear your womens skinny jeans with trainers, plimsolls, or flip flops and still find they look good.

Top off the laid back look with a trilby or sun hat for indie chic. A slouchy canvas bag or basket bag work great to convey the casual image.

Embroidered Polo Shirts

The button down collar came about when John Brooks (of Brooks Brothers) was visiting England. Whist at a polo match, he noticed that the collars of the players shirts flapped in the wind. He decided that this needed to be addressed so the manufacture of a shirt with button down collars started around 1896. Brooks Brothers still produce this style of shirt today.

Around 1920, a polo player and haberdasher by the name of Lewis Lacey started manufacturing embroidered polo shirts. The logo used was of a polo player. The design came from the now famous Hurlingham Polo Club of Buenos Aires. However, due to the type of cloth used, this type of shirt is not comfortable when used for sporting activities.

This type of garment was also used by the tennis players of the day, including Rene Lacoste. Around 1926 Lacoste, a 7 times grand slam winner, decided that he had had enough of wearing the uncomfortable attire. He produced his own shirt which consisted of a white, loosely-knit piqué cotton shirt with short-sleeves, an unstarched, flat, protruding collar, a buttoned placket, and a longer shirt-tail in back than in front. Lacoste called the cotton weave jersey petit piqué. Lacoste wore his version of at the US Open Championship in 1926.

By the 1930’s, the Polo fraternity had become aware of Rene Lacoste’s new garment. Because the shirt was so much more comfortable to wear than their existing shirts, they quickly took to wearing the shirt for polo.

In 1933, the Chemise Lacoste company was formed by Lacoste and a clothing merchant friend André Gillier, after retiring from professional tennis. The Chemise Lacoste company marketed embroidered polo shirts in North America and Europe. As part of their branding, the now famous crocodile logo was embroidered on the left breast of the shirt.

By the 1950’s, the term ‘Polo Shirt’ was in common use in America which was the Lacoste design. Although tennis had used this design before the Polo teams, it was, and still is, referred to as the polo shirt.

In the 1970’s, Ralph Lauren introduced his line of shirts. The polo shirt played a prominent part in this line. The garment that Ralph Lauren introduced was not meant specifically for use by polo players but for use by the wider public. He also introduced the now famous logo ‘polo player and pony’ embroidered polo shirts.

T Shirt Printing Recommended to Your Children’s

If you have the need to print your own personal designs, photographs, or artwork on the T-shirt, there are numerous methods for you to treat it. The level of difficulty for making your final product can go from a simple iron-on transfer made out of an Inkjet printer on the home pc with an elaborate four-color transfer printed in a silkscreen shop.

These limitations can be overcome while using the correct quantity of awareness, and reasonable expectations for what is possible. Using t-shirt fabric like a design medium possesses an inherent group of constraints as a result of the print process, porousness with the surface, inks used, and its elasticity. Knowing these constraints is merely half the battle, but we’ll explain to you the solutions to overcome the obstacles of working with fabric as a design medium.

No matter what message you try to get across to the people surrounding you or maybe the world, in particular, it’s possible to spread the phrase in a short time and easily. It can be something about yourself, or it could be about a political party or maybe a football team. It is fair to state that this only limit as to you would like to have printed over a t-shirt is bound from your own imagination, in reality, individuals need to know the restrictions with the law and the other people might discover offensive. Offending someone alone is not a crime, however, you could end in much trouble if your clothing includes a message that may be deemed offensive with a.

Another new trend with customized custom t shirts is dtg printing or direct to garment printing. This technology provides for an electronic digital image to become printed directly onto a t-shirt. This can be just the thing for a bachelorette weekend and contributes to endless possibilities for the type of shirt. Some ideas just for this type of t-shirt are employing the couple’s engagement photo, an awkward photo in the bride, or even a photo with the bride and her bridesmaids. Accompanied by a quote, these shirts are very special for everyone to hold following the weekend ends. This method of t-shirt printing can be used on a selection of different colored t shirts printing singapore, which is important to hold in mind if the bride is looking to get a certain color, she may even match these to her wedding color theme.

A Comprehensive Guide to Designing and Printing Your First T-Shirt

While the heat press machine, as well as the vinyl cutting machine, are a couple of one of the most frequently used custom T-shirt making techniques, there are many other options available, too. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the different ways of T-shirt printing so you can pick the right replacement to meet your requirements.


Solution – Remove unnecessary depth, try to keep small design elements from touching other colors, and work with a tighter mesh screen for printing.

Clothing Closeout

Clothing closeout is a way of obtaining good quality clothes at low prices. When brand new clothes of different colors, designs and fabric of previous seasons remain in the inventory with new designs pouring in, there is confusion and shortage of space. Old clothes are then disposed in sale providing a chance for the public to buy well-known brands and good quality clothes at economical and affordable prices. It is a win-win situation for both the seller and the buyer.

The seller is able to dispose excess clothes which were not sold before, though at a lower rate, thereby providing some revenue instead of complete loss. For the buyers, who cannot afford to buy clothes from reputed brands due to high price tags are able to do so due to high discounts. These clothes are usually brand new and never been used, because they are out of fashion or in excess quantity. One advantage of clothing closeout is the chance for the customers to create their own fashion statement. It is a well-known fact that people have their own style and try to establish their own fashion statement. Creating a personal style requires patience, money and creativity.

In most cases, money becomes a critical factor preventing middle class people from trying out the latest trends. Closeout gives an opportunity to try various fashion clothing from different and diverse styles ranging from traditional to urban clothing, providing a way of combining fashion as per individual personalities. Clothing closeout provides a guarantee of replacement in cases, where the customers are not satisfied. Bargains and discounts are a part of the whole closeout process. This is definitely an added advantage to the customers.

There is another aspect of closeout, which provide employment for many. The clothing closeout from manufacturers or main distributors, especially well-known brands provide an opportunity to buy the excessive clothing at wholesale rates. By selling them to retailers at a slightly higher rate, not only gives profit, but continuous business proposition as well. These organizations also buy from overruns, out of season and excessive clothing, creating a market of good clothing at affordable prices. Since these organization buy from different manufacturers, they provide a wide range of trendy apparel under one roof, making it easy for the customers to buy without having to browse through many online sites or physically search for closeout branches of known brands.

Large Mens Clothes

In regards to getting hold of a nice looking, well fitted suit for a big man, things can be difficult. Not all typical suit shops that cater for most ‘average’ sizes will be able to get something that is right for the bigger man. Even if you do find a suit that kind of fits, it may not drape well as the proportions of your body against the suit in certain areas can be incorrectly matched. This is why having a suit tailor made to a custom fit is a great idea for the bigger man. Not only is this going to solve the problem of not being able to find a suit big enough, it is going to save time and make you look even better. Custom made suits are designed to fit perfectly around every inch of your body, meaning you can look stylish, sharp and very presentable in absolutely any formal dress occasion.

Custom suits are measured by a professional tailor. The tailor will have every measurement of the body and be able to pass on the information and fitting guide to the artisan and suit production team. Custom suits are especially ideal for gentlemen with big bulked chest and arms, as well as those with heavy bodies.

There really is an art involved with tailor making suits, with it starting at the measurement process. It starts with the taking of the client’s measurements down the most detailed measure. It allows the professional tailor to take note of the client’s body shape, posture and features. It is common for people to have measurements that differ very much so from similar sized people, meaning that measurements must be taken accurately and very seriously. He end result is a fine looking suit that looks and drapes perfectly on the big man. Everyone who goes through the process of having a custom suit made, sue to the size of their bodies, usually loves the final product, and the process in the way of how easy, simple and effective it is.

Half Sleeve or Full Sleeve

Formal make for a crisp wear and are attention-seeking. This is a normal sight in corporate offices. There are some who love to don formals wherever they go, and there are others, who don’t like to wear them outside office. Also, there are people who hate wearing formals. Be it for wedding or office, they are the ones who don’t want to wear them at any cost.

But, this article is not about them. It’s for those people who love to wear formals or have no other option, but to don them for office or business meetings.

Tough these shirts come in various styles and fashion, basically there are two types of formal shirts: half and full sleeve. Let’s take a closer look at both of them.

  • Half sleeve
    Seldom will you see formal half sleeve shirt in corporate offices. Most of them wear full sleeve shirt in such offices. Half sleeve shirts are good when you’re donning a blazer over it, as your hands are covered and can’t make out if its half or full. Also, there are various formal shirts sale from which you can have your choice. There are many shirts online shopping portals which offer half sleeve shirts on discounted rates.
  • Full sleeve
    These are the staple office wear shirts, which also enhances the overall personality. Full sleeve shirts when matched with trousers, offer a thorough gentleman look. While purchasing shirts through online shopping portals, you should be very choosy. There are endless options on the internet that can take some time, but it’s surely worth than going and purchasing the shirt yourself.

And, if you’re rubbing the shoulders with some prominent individual, then you should take extra care. Not only your attire, but on a whole your personality must be pleasing enough to grab the attention of the people gathered. You should be neatly dressed from head to toe. You should accessorize yourself appropriately.

If you come across formal shirts sale, do pick one for yourself, because this kind of sale doesn’t come everyday. But do check on the size, design and other issues, which are necessary while buying the shirt. Keep yourself ahead of others in your office by donning an elegant posture.

Wear in Outdoor Concert Season

Some concerts are for adults only but many are family-friendly and will offer well-priced family tickets. Seating can be either on benches, foldaway chairs or picnic blankets that you bring along yourself.

In general the outdoor concert dress code is more relaxed than if you were attending a show at an indoor concert venue. Obviously, there is a difference between classical and pop music concerts. Dress codes also vary between family-oriented and more adult occasions.

Unfortunately, you do need to plan for rain as the worst thing is having to miss half the performance because you hadn’t planned on getting wet. Take a rain coat! Umbrellas will only make others angry because they inevitably block people from seeing the stage.

Also remember evenings tend to get chilly even in the summer time. If it’s a seated concert, you’ll be sitting still for a few hours so dress warmly. If you’ll be standing, wear layers you can easily remove because you might get very warm in the crowd while bopping to the beat.


Children can’t sit still for long. They’ll want to run around or fidget so make sure they’re dressed to let them do that. It’ll be even harder for them to sit still if dressed in pretty clothes that mummy doesn’t want to have to hand wash with stain remover as soon as she gets home.

Choose dark coloured trousers or leggings and team with loose-fitting tops: T-shirts for boys and tunics for girls. Floral cardigans are a nice and easy way to jazz up a girl’s outfit, and the pattern will also conceal stains.

Boys look cute in knitted cardigans in a contrasting tone to their trousers and shirt. Remember those all important rain coats. These should be fully functional not just nice to look at so any outdoor gear is suitable.


Wear a smart casual pair of trousers such as chinos or a pair in linen. Team these with a polo shirt and thin jumper or cardigan for a classy and laid back summer look. To deal with rain, bring along a classic mac that’ll keep you looking stylish all night.


Trousers paired with a nice top, or a maxi dress are the best bets for ladies as they’ll keep you nice and snug. Choose natural materials like cotton that’ll keep you comfy. Womens leather jackets look great thrown over a simple dress. The material will keep you toasty, and treated leather can also be waterproof so provides a classier alternative to a rain coat. Accessorise liberally with jewellery and a shawl that’ll also be great to wrap up in if it gets cold.

Emo Fashion

Big hair is what it’s all about. One of the most common hairstyles is dark or very pale hair that is cut in layers that are shorter on top, with long layers underneath. The short layers are at the crown of the head, falling to around the ears, and are teased out to create the shape, with the longer layers straightened with a flat iron to hang down past the shoulders.

Often you’ll find streaks of bright colours such as pink, blue, or green layered into the bangs and the back of the longer layers starting at the nape of the neck. Also popular with this style is a patterned stripe of alternating blonde or white on the coloured streaks, resembling a feather. Sometimes this pattern is switched out for a cheetah print or any other pattern desired.

The heavy makeup favoured with this look often depends on heavy eyeliner, with a pale pink or neutral lip.

Eye shadow and eyeliner are kept either black or a very dark shade, with the eye shadow drawn out to the brow bone, and the eyeliner used to create points at the corners of the eye, making it pop from the face. Eyeliner is also applied in an equally thick line under the eye.

Emo clothing follows a few general rules, while allowing for unique style to come through.

Dark colours and layers are favoured, with flat shoes, often Converse All-Star. The style for women includes t-shirts and tank tops layered together, skirts and leggings that come down to a Capri length, and sometimes eclectic pieces such a tutus. Pink and black are the main colours, with some variation thrown in. Also popular are ties and graphic tees, brightly patterned or white belts, and black jeans.

For men’s Emo clothing, the style is similar but includes more graphic tees and tight slim fit or skinny jeans worn low on the hips, and v-neck shirts.

Jewellery for this look is wristbands and lots of bracelets, particularly those with stripe patterns, metal studs, or jelly bracelets. Facial piercings on the lips and the eyebrows and the upper ears are popular, often worn in combination. Earrings are often big and bright. Choker necklaces are often worn, as well as layered longer necklaces.