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Getting Custom Socks

Imagine how different the situations are between a soccer player and a mountain climber. They would most likely purchase the same tube socks to complement their endeavors, despite how dissimilar the demands of their activities are. The latter would probably appreciate thickness and durability more, while the former would opt for those that are breathable and flexible. With made-to-order pairs, they don’t have to settle with the choices that they are being offered commercially.

If you are a sports buff, you’d value socks that could give you the support you require, to prevent injuries and prevent germ build up, as well as odor. This is not something you may find among the traditional ones. If there are certain products that meet your prerequisites, they may be difficult to acquire in huge quantities. The advantage of custom socks is that you can have them made according to your sports specifications, and then order it in a variety of size, shape, color and material you would like. Then, you can afford not only to dress your feet up. You need to provide the same for your team as well, because, obviously, all of you are a team, therefore, everything needs to match. You can even add in logos on each of them, for solidarity.

If you are looking for a worthwhile giveaway to friends and family, a customized sock would also do well at translating your sentiments without costing you too much. As with the sports varieties, you could have these made with specific designs to match the occasion you are using them for. Hence, whether it is the holidays or your birthday, you’d always have something for your guests to take away as a souvenir, to remember you by, every day of their lives.

The third noteworthy advantage of getting customized socks is that you can get them tailored, according to the height you want. It’s always been problematic for certain gifted people to find the right kind of pair to fit their unique lower limb attributes. With a bespoke sock, you won’t have any problem insulating and protecting your legs and feet whether they are long and large or short and stubby. This is again something very rarely found with retailed types.

Now, it is interesting to note that there are certain socks meant to help people improve the circulation in their legs. Those with diabetes or amputated lower extremities benefit a lot out of custom-made ones that enable them to deal with their physical problems more effectively. This is another advantage posed when it comes to getting personalized socks made, because you can also factor in what your current state of health is, and have it addressed in the type you get.

Sturhling Watches

At Sturhling, there’s an innate respect for the art and tradition of the Swiss watch-making legend. Just like in the old times, Sturhling watches are produced with attention to detail and excellence. They make the most of the Swiss engineering and artisanship that marks all the fine timepieces of the past century, thanks to a factory that’s run entirely under Swiss supervision. How’s that for commitment to quality? Sturhling is also known for its revamp of the self-winding watch – something that, thanks to the developments regarding quartz movements, had all but died out. The brand, paying homage to its history, recently began producing watch models that were self-winding, and have found that there’s an audience out there for these sorts of watches.

So, how do you choose the Sturhling watch that’s right for your occasion? Let’s run down a few scenarios. Got a big meeting at the office in the next few weeks, and want to make sure you put your best foot forward? It’s time to think about your personal style. You’ll want to wear a suit, or nicely pressed khakis at the very least. Remember, your outfit makes your first impression, and that’s the thing about first impressions: you only get one. Make a good one with a Sturhling Original Men’s Jupiter Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch, a classic, masculine timepiece that stands out thanks to its bright gold watch face. A classic design that features unique touches and powered by Swiss Quartz movement, this watch begins with a round stainless steel case that comes in your choice of gold-tone with a cream dial, rose-tone with a white dial or silver-tone with a white dial (go for the gold). A Krysterna crystal safeguards the dial itself, for a watch that doesn’t just look good, but will stand the test of time as well.

If you’re attending a black tie affair and want to ensure that your watch is up to the task, style wise, snag a Sturhling Original Men’s Winchester 44 Elite Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. The perfect marriage of time-tested mechanics and chic style come together in this gorgeous gold timepiece featuring cutout index markers at all hour positions and minute and second hands to convey the time and keep you on schedule. A bold first impression is sure to be yours with this gorgeous watch, so make sure people keep their eyes on it but their hands off – everyone’s going to want a piece of you once you put this baby on! If you’re looking to dress to impress, this is the watch for you.

Need a watch to purchase for your son as a graduation gift? You’ll want something that he can wear to his interviews – something that makes him look strong, masculine, smart, and worthy of the job. He’ll set sail towards a bright future with the stunning Sturhling Original Men’s Regatta Sailor Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch – a fine piece for any young man. A classic timepiece, this watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel with a scale over a round silver-tone stainless steel case. A screw down crown and crystal keep the dial safe, while luminous markers reveal themselves at all hour positions except 6:00, where a square date window keeps him on top of his schedule. A sophisticated but classic timepiece that will take him through his job interviews and beyond, this Sturhling watch is a great buy.

Desert Chukka Boots

  • Clarks Desert Boots – When it comes to desert and chukka designs, this product is leading the way and it is very evident on the customer feedbacks and what other shoe-lovers are saying. It is one of the best pairs in the Clarks Originals, which is a collection of authentic classic footwear that has been very popular in the last 50 years in Europe.

This shoe comes in many various styles and colors including the special editions – Hainsworth and Union Jack. You can go for full-grain leather or soft suede uppers depending on your preference. It only has 2 lace eyelets and a flat collar for that chukka look. It also has the very famous genuine crepe out-sole for flexibility and comfort.

  • Clarks Wallabee – Another great pair from the Originals is the Wallabee which also comes in men’s and women’s style. It is a casual footwear and not really designed for heavy outdoor work. It also has the Oxford variation which has a low-top construction.

It features a moccasin-toe design not just for style, but for a natural toe spread as well. This classic footwear also comes with only two eyelets for lacing for secure fit. And the crepe out-sole provides a lot of cushioning and flexibility.

  • Magnum Response II 8 Inches Boot – This great-looking boot is always ready to perform in almost any types of condition. Its non-slip and oil-resistant out-sole has deep treads for maximum grip. The upper is a combination of leather and textile with nylon mesh inlays for breathability. For a boot, it is relatively light and comfortable due to its heavily padded tongue and collar and contoured foot-bed.
  • Converse Work Rapid Response – This military boot looks very tough with its durable leather and 1000 denier nylon upper. It has easy on-and-off feature with its side zippers without compromising its secure fit because of its lace-up closure. It is very comfortable and great in absorbing shock with its inserts. The oil-resistant out-sole offers maximum grip. It also has a 6-inch shaft.

Sterling Silver Bracelets

Spring is a time of rebirth and renewal. Along with cleaning the house up, you also have to put away your winter clothes and get out your clothing for the summertime.

The difference between winter and summer clothes goes far beyond just long sleeves as compared to short sleeves. Clothing also is much brighter and more colorful in the summertime. The palate of colors in your look will quickly go from a few muted earth tones to all the colors of the rainbow as winter evolves into spring.

As your wardrobe changes with the seasons, so will the items of jewelry that you choose. During the winter months you probably don’t find yourself wearing bracelets too often. This is due largely to the fact that under giant sweaters and coats you will probably never see them!

With the warming air, many women will begin to dig out their old bracelets again to show off. The most popular material used in favorite spring bracelets is more often than not sterling silver.

Sterling silver is a great choice for the warm months because it is a neutral color that goes with everything. Remember all those colorful clothes you dug out when putting away your winter coats? Well, each and every one of them should match with the base tones of a sterling silver bracelet (matching any gemstones or other coloring is up to you!). These sterling silver bracelets are great choices for fun in the sun this spring.

Sterling Silver / 18K 6″ Multi-Gemstone Cuff Bracelet

As mentioned above, springtime is a time for bringing all of the colors out of your wardrobe. And this gorgeous cuff bracelet features a dazzling array of colored gemstones so you can kick off the season in style.

This cuff bracelet is made out of durable sterling silver, with plant leaves etched into the metal. Amongst the sterling silver leaves are a variety of gorgeous colored stones and other metals.

For one, you can find little bits of 18K yellow gold scattered throughout this lovely bracelet. It also has two 5mm cushion citrines, two oval smoky quartz that measure 4-5 x 6-7 mm, and two marquise Swiss blue topaz that measure 3 x 6mm. You can also find two round garnets measuring 5mm, a pear peridot measuring 4 x 5mm, and a pear rhodolite measuring 4 x 6 mm. Each one of these gemstones is faceted cut, and they are all set in bezel settings.

The rhodolite in this bracelet weighs 0.55 ct, while the peridot weighs 0.55 ct, the garnet weighs 1.10 ct, the amethyst weighs 0.90 ct, the Swiss blue topaz weighs 0.50 ct, the quartz weighs 1.25 ct, and the citrine weighs 1.00 ct. The bracelet itself measures six inches long by an inch wide.

Artisan Silver by Samuel B. Sterling Silver 6.5″ Gemstone Center Link Bracelet w/ Extender

This bright and colorful bracelet by Samuel B. is a stunning look for the “lady in red.” It has dazzling gemstones set in shining sterling silver. This bracelet will truly make any outfit stand out incredibly.

Inside the polished sterling silver you can discover the six checkerboard cut dyed rubies or sapphires. Each stone measures 13 by 18mm. They are all secured in bezel settings. The total weight of the rubies is 75.00 ct and the total weight of the sapphire is 75.00 ct. The bracelet is 6 ½ inches long by 15/16 inches wide and it comes with a one inch extender.

Marcasite by Dallas Prince 7″ Marcasite Bangle Bracelet

Sometimes simplicity is best, and this gorgeous bangle bracelet by Dallas Prince is the epitome of classic and subdued style. Bangle bracelets are also perfect for getting a lot out of a little bit of smart design.

This simplistic beauty is made from gorgeously polished sterling silver that has been plated with polished rhodium. On the front part of the bracelet you will find 38 2mm round cut marcasite stones adding a little bit of excitement.

The marcasite stones in this bracelet weigh in at about 1.67 ct. The bracelet measures seven inches long by 3/16 inches wide by 1/8 inches high. It clasps together thanks to a slide insert with a safety catch.

Army Combat Boots

Make sure if you are required by the military to get a certain kind of Army combat boots that the ones you get meet the standards needed and required. Otherwise your idea of what this type of boot is like can vary a bit. There are some things to look for when it comes to your combat footwear.

  • Padding in the right places — Some new styles of these boots have padding to help reduce pain or ankle or foot fatigue. There may also be padding that acts as a calf guard to avoid digging in and causing blisters, especially when they are new.
  • Color — If you are not looking for the standard classic style of black boots, then you are probably going to be shopping for the military khaki or sand color footwear. Other popular color choices now include military green and grey.
  • Tread — Possibly one of the most important things to consider in relation to your military style boots is the tread because this helps performance.
  • Material — The old traditional boots for uniform or combat were leather. These days you can find leather, canvas, Gore-Tex other materials or a mixture of two of these materials.

Probably the most important thing is to take into consideration what it is you will be using the boots for. Generally most people want to make sure the boots they get are waterproof. Some people also want to make sure their boots are also UV protected to help prevent sun fading or damage.

Even the eyelets used for lacing can be important, especially if you intend to keep your boots for a long period of time. If the material is rustproof, you do not have to worry about these eyelets collecting rust over time and after wear in wet conditions.

If you do intend to wear yours in hot climates, more often than it is important to find boots that are meant to be hot weather condition footwear and will allow your feet to breather better. Get the right size and consider these factors and you can have the best pair of Army combat boots for your needs.

Handbag Varieties

The use of handbags goes back to the early 1900s and they were understandably a little different in design from the ones found today. Originally made from materials found more commonly during the time they were made, they can still be found today to be made from fabric, yarn, leather, plastic and even paper (albeit reinforced paper).

Many designers and design houses include handbags in their fashion collection and some are more famous for their bags than other items in their collection. The brand Hermes has, for example, made the Kelly bag one of the most sought after handbags. It was designed for a famous actress who later became a member of European royalty. This particular bag is not only very expensive but has a waiting list of many years.

Handbags come in numerous designs and shapes and among the more well-known ones are the Bowling bag, the Baguette, Bucket, Hobo, Messenger, Satchel and the Tote. There are many more shapes that find their popularity wane and wax as dictated by the fashion trends. There are also many celebrities that have started their own line of handbags and some of them have achieved more success in marketing them than others.

Handbags can be found to be made from various materials and most of the ones you find in stores nowadays are made from synthetic materials. This is mainly because these are cheaper to manufacture in bulk and this in turn translates to savings in cost for the customer. Then there is also the element of fashion trends which change from season to season. For this reason, many bag manufacturers prefer to use synthetic materials to keep their costs down because they will be making different styles of bags as the seasons change.

Other than synthetic materials, handbags can also be found to be made from leather and animal skin such as those of snakes and crocodiles. Those that are crocheted and knitted are another option and these seem to be making a comeback to the fashion scene. Handmade items usually cost more because of the time and cost of the materials but there are many who willingly invest in these items. As these items are handmade, it is highly unusual to find two that are exactly the same and this is one of the reasons some people buy these.

Along with the variety of colours these handbags come in; which can range from one end of the colour spectrum to the other and every other shade in between, the size also varies. From big, bulky bags to slim reticules, there is a shape, size, colour and materials for everyone.

Most women have more than one handbag in their collection and more and more men are also carrying bags today. These bags may be known as messenger bags or even ‘man bags’. Men have found that it is easier to carry their belongings (especially their electronic gadgets) in bags that are slung over their shoulder than to carry them separately. Handbags will always be around for the fact that they are convenient, versatile and can be matched with any outfit.

Reasons Using Hair Wigs

For fashion

Many women buy wigs for enjoyment. It can be fun to wear something that allows a person to change her looks temporarily. A woman with blonde hair can become a redhead instantly, and without the need for long term applications like hair color. Some girls who need to look their best for an occasion may wake up to a “bad hair day” and do not have enough time to wash and style their hair. A wig may provide a quick solution on such situations. There are hairstyles that are only possible with additions. A wig can help a girl have a combination of styles at once, including rare colors and curls. She may also add body or a different wave to her natural hair.

As a disguise

There a several reasons a woman may need to go incognito. In case you have a problem with a stalker or a similar threat, hair wigs can hide your natural features and make you feel safer. Women with jobs that require covering their true identity may also need wigs to change their appearance. Masquerade party attendees may wear a wig to match a costume, or to enhance the look they are going for.


Some religions demand their women to cover their heads, especially their hair. Reasons for such requirements primarily begin with modesty. Modern female members of these religions sometimes have their more liberal interpretations of this rule, and some religions allow their women to wear wigs to cover their real hair.

Medical Reasons

There are medical conditions that lead to hair loss and a sudden need to buy wigs. Radiation therapy for example, a common treatment for cancer, may have this side effect. People undergoing such procedures may lose confidence when they lose their crowning glory. Their primary and often only choice to address this is through the use of wigs. The Locks of Love program provides wigs created with donated real hair to children suffering from hair loss, to help restore the kids’ confidence and a level of normalcy.

Denim Jackets is Everlasting Style

At the same time the popularity of jeans suffered though, with the surfer, combat and cargo trousers being favoured, although this saved us from the double-denim curse that had often ruined the credibility of early denim wearers who had failed to move on.

Because the denim jacket is usually so low maintenance you’d wish you could befriend them. They need no ironing, in fact they actually improve if they’re not ironed, as the just-fitting cut has the perfect amount of inherent stretch in it. In fact, if you decide to arrive at a friend’s home and find them ironing a denim jacket, quickly turn around, make a hasty exit and never see them again. (But first be very sure they’re not applying an iron-on Harley Davidson badge first, in that case heap extra amounts of praise on a special friend you never knew you had.)

So is wearing a denim jacket simple? Of course – do whatever you want really. But to summarise there are four options available. Initially there’s the fully buttoned look. You’re really wearing your jacket as a traditional shirt, so you need to think carefully about the supporting garments, most notably your choice of trousers. Next, it can be totally undone, perfect for showing off just a tease of that rock T-shirt or something else from your favourite designer. The areas between these two extremes are the V and A options. Button up the lower buttons in the cardigan arrangement and you have a cardy-type shirt jacket mash up of epic proportions. Or utilise the top few buttons for a more unusual statement of non-conformity.

This, for the denim jacket, is the look that will live forever, corset in your chest and release the bottom two or three buttons. It sounds odd to some, and it may not suit all body shapes (let’s just say it could have pregnancy-type undertones), but master this style and you’ll have conquered the challenge of being a lifelong hipster.

So, denim jackets in a nutshell. A simple to own, easy to wear, versatile and functional item of classic vintage clothing that offers few clues about the wearer and reveals nothing about their class or fashion preferences. It’s the must-have item of any modern wardrobe.

Fur Jackets

Since a fur can often maintain its luster and healthy appearance for decades, they are often quite expensive. A quality fur, maintained properly, can be handed down as a family keepsake from generation to generation. Whether you are shopping for your first fur or looking to add another piece to your collection, finding the right fur for you is critical to your enjoyment of the jacket, and to maintaining your investment for the greatest possible return. Here are a few reasons why fur selection is so important to jacket quality.

Achieving the Right Look

Different furs have different lengths of hair, each creating a very unique appearance. For example, if you are looking for a coat that will appear slimming on you, you may want to avoid fox and coyote, whose long hairs will make you look bigger. For a slimmer appearance, you’ll want to choose a short-haired fur such as beaver or mink. As for colors, you are really only limited to your imagination. Furriers travel the world to make sure they have the full spectrum of colors and textures to offer their customers.

Achieving the Right Feel

If you have never felt fur wrapped around your body it is an experience that will linger in your dreams. That soft downy warmth is the reason why people buy furs, so getting a fur with the right texture is critical. Often furs are priced according to their softness. While you may want one of the softest furs, such as rabbit, chinchilla, or mink, if you are on a budget choosing a beaver coat may be the better option.

Achieving Durability

Furs, like all things, start to decompose after a while. You can extend the useful life of your coat or jacket with proper care, but selecting the right fur is the second best thing you can do to maintaining the value of your coat. Fox, for instance, characteristically loses hairs and experiences some discoloration with aging. Chinchilla, one of the softest and more expensive furs also tends to fade and discolor if not cared for properly. Decide if you are making a lifetime purchase or if you will retire your fur after a few years.

Hat Facts

In recognition of how many ways an egg could be prepared, the original chef’s tall hat was made with 100 pleats. This type of hat was first seen worn by French magistrates but was later worn by French chefs as a means of displaying seniority in the kitchen. Later on chefs in many countries adopted this style of hat for wear in the kitchen.

Pyrenean sheperds were some of the earliest people to wear the beret. During the 1880’s the French mountain regiment began wearing the blue beret because of its neat design, its adaptability and its durability. In 1918 the British tank corps entered into training operations with the French and they discovered the beret was ideally suited for tank crews because of the fitted shape and inobtrusive design. The beret is worn all over the world by soldiers today.

In America during the 1920’s an odd trend emerged where it was common for people to be beaten up if they were seen wearing a straw hat after the 15th of September. On September the 18th, 1925, a large fuss arose when President Coolidge was seen wearing a straw hat. Riots erupted in New York in 1922 when trouble-seeking gangs caused chaos by going on the rampage looking for people to attack and straw hats to destroy. In order not to be attacked, many people destroyed their own hats.

In the 19th century in the US baseball players wore an array of straw and cotton hats in order to protect their faces and eyes from the sun. Fans were not able to identify their favourite players so a standardised form of head-wear became desirable for both players and fans. The peaked baseball cap was first seen worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors in 1860.

Hats declined in popularity at the end of the Second World War for a number of reasons. The hairstyles of the day meant hats were unpractical and sunglasses emerged as a very popular fashion accessory. Hat workers in factories started to worry about the future of the hat making industry, and in industrial towns such as Denton and Stockport it was not uncommon for people walking through without hats to be physically and verbally abused.