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Colorblock With Accessories

If you have some of the basic pieces to color-block your wardrobe, you can easily create a completely colorblocked outfit using subtle crystal accessories. The best advice for incorporating accessories into this look is to think: one pop of color on top or bottom, accented with different, but complementary colorblocked jewelry – a necklace, earrings or bangles. Or all 3.

A few easy ways to use colorful crystal jewelry to accent your color-block wardrobe basics:

  • Bold, above-the-knee straight skirt in a neon with a white top and gorgeous colored crystal earrings in a different, but complementary color.
  • Monochromatic, neutral outfit with bold heels and bright, crystal Swarovski earrings and stacked beaded bracelets in a variety of colors.
  • Make sure your heels and earrings are two different, but bright colors.
  • Yellow, or any bright colored skinny jeans with a white or beige flowy top. Wear crystal bead bracelets on both wrists in multiple colors and a bright pop of green crystal studs in your ears to complete your colorblock.
  • Fire engine red, or any bold solid colored dress, bright turquoise pumps or colored wedges with dangling Swarovski crystal earrings in yellow.
  • White skinny jeans, a hot pink tunic and blue Chelsea Taylor earrings.
  • Your own creation! The options are endless as long as you keep in mind color pairing and how much is too much. Always try and limit your colorblocking to 2/3 of your outfit – if you’re doing a crazy colored skirt, bright top and bold shoes, choose really simple clear crystal jewelry.

Below are a few of our personal favorite color combinations:

  • Hot pink & bright red
  • Turquoise & green
  • Yellow & orange
  • Coral & bright blue
  • Robin’s egg blue & light pink
  • Mint & magenta
  • Neon yellow & bright blue
  • Cobalt blue & red (risky, but worth it!)
  • A dark shade of one color & a light shade of that same color for an ombre and less obvious colorblocking block. (We love blues or pinks!)

Nail Care

Today nails have become a fashion accessory, and with the advent the modern fashion scene, polishes are becoming an increasingly popular item for the stylish and elegant woman. The nude look and the French manicure were once the in-thing, but today bold colors are making a big comeback as more and more designers and artists are moving towards bright and metallic colors. The most sought-after style of colors these days are glittering gold tones, bright coral colors such as orange or orange-pink, and ombre, which is a gradual shading from lighter to darker hues.

The trend has also been moving towards long, slender, almond-shaped nails and in this age more than ever before design, color and style are being highlighted. The modern woman is no longer satisfied with plain polish products. She wants to boast of well-manicured nails with unique nail art designs to match her ensemble.

Many women use nail polish or nail varnish to either decorate their fingernails and toenails or to protect their nail plates. Nail polish no longer comes only in the three basic colors of red, pink and brown, but today you have a range of designs and colors for your nails. For that clean and glossy look for your nails, you can apply transparent nail varnish.

Acrylic gel polish is usually applied over a coat of colored nail polish so as to provide a glossy layer and to protect the underlying nail polish from getting chipped. Another typical product for the care of nails is nail polish remover, an organic solvent. Many products these days also contain oils, perfumes and coloring. The newer types in the market usually contain ethyl acetate instead of acetone. These may not be as strong and effective as the latter, but they are gentler on the nails and provide better nail care in the long run.

Unique Solid Neckties

There are various types of neckties e.g. necktie, cravats, bows, etc… Mostly men wear neckties on formal occasions such as office, office meetings, weddings, etc… and sometimes at parties or as and when the situation demands.The type of necktie worn by an individual also tells a lot about him, as it depends on what kind of necktie is he wearing & on what occasion. Many times there are dress codes in certain parties and occasions which people follow. Imagine someone wearing a bright and colorful necktie to a funeral!!! Shocking, right? Office goers mostly stick to some types of ties like solid neckties and skinny ties as they look very formal and at the same time look good and attractive. There are various designs of neckties that people are often seen wearing e.g. dotted, striped, designer, polka dots, etc…

The fashion statement is generally set by the different actors wearing different kinds of neckties at various events and functions. They get photographed and are on the news, magazines and then there are many fashion critics or writers commenting about what they think the actor looked like, whether that dress, that tie suited them or not.Presently, solid neckties and skinny ties are very much in demand. Especially, due to the fact that almost all the well-known actors have been photographed wearing one, and, due to the fact that they simply look good and are multi-purpose e.g. you can wear the same tie to your office and to a party and no one will think that it’s a misfit for the occasion. In fact, people appreciate it. Many people have been doing this in their day to day life and enjoying it.

Wearing Leather Hats

Leather hats are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eye they are also durable and can easily blend with any article of clothing in the wardrobe. Whether it’s a pair of designer jeans or a casual summer dress that you choose to wear, an elegant leather hat will always compliment the outfit at any time of the day. Leather always has an appeal of its own which is one of the reasons why even in the days gone by, cowboys and gentlemen of style preferred to don a hat made of leather irrespective of their status in society.

Whether it was a stockman in the outback of Australia or a cowboy riding across the planes of America, they all wore leather hats designed in keeping with their whims and fancies and to suit their respective lifestyles. These hats are still worn today by people to whom dressing impeccably matters a lot and whether it’s a Fedora, a cowboy hat or a classic top hat, they all scream out fashion and sophistication that is unmatchable in the true sense of the word.

Although modern hats are worn as a trendy accessory, they do have their uses especially in inclement weather to keep you from roasting in the sun or from the bitter winter cold. They also come in various shapes, styles and sizes and those who know the How’s and Why’s of it will at once recognize a particular hat, its make and the reason for it to be worn on any specific occasion. For instance, hats worn for Ascot in Britain are famous for their unique and astonishing beauty and worn by ladies of the upper classes.

Similarly, Derby hats are worn by high society ladies who have their amazing creations custom made for the Kentucky Derby with the main idea of outdoing each other in flamboyance, beauty or outrageousness of a particular creation. Hats worn for such occasions are priced beyond the range of mere mortals and can go up to thousands of dollars depending on the designer and the material used for its creation. Another very familiar hat is the Stetson which became immensely popular through the western movies that were making its rounds in the cinema circuits some time back.

There’s nothing however to beat a classic black leather hat which gives the wearer a tough, sexy look which is like a magnet to most women. These hats are unbelievably manly yet extremely practical especially when you have to be outdoors in the hot burning sun for any length of time. Their high crowns and wide brims provide adequate protection to the wearer and are also very useful to keep the eyes shaded from the glare as well as from dust and flying insects.

Unique Diamond Rings

The reason behind a woman’s love for diamonds is their rarity. And as we all know, with rarity comes expense. The reason women love diamonds isn’t just because they look beautiful, it is because someone cared about us enough to put their hard earned money towards something that costs a pretty penny.

While most every woman adores diamonds, there are still plenty of ladies out there that don’t want the same old style that everyone else has. While a simple diamond ring is gorgeous to many women, there are unconventional women out there who aspire towards the unique. They love the look and appeal of diamonds, and yet they don’t want to follow the crowd and wear the same style that everyone else does. For these women who march to the beat of their owner drummer, these fabulous diamond rings are a terrific choice.

Diamond Treasures Sterling Silver 0.75ctw Multi Color Diamond Ring

This lovely ring from Diamond Treasures is a double dose of incredible sparkle. It is a wonderful accessory to that little black dress you have been longing to take out of the closet.

This two-toned ring is made from sterling silver that has been coated with polished rhodium plating. The colored diamonds crisscross the top of this ring, for a lovely effect. 80 round 1mm single cut black diamonds stretch across the top of the ring. They intertwine with 80 more single cut round 1mm yellow or blue (depending on your choice) diamonds. This adds delightful contrast to the whole ring. Each diamond is set in prongs.

In total, the diamonds in this ring way about 0.75 ct. The ring itself measures ½ inch long by 7/8 inch wide by 3/16 inch high. It also features an undergallery.

SoHo Boutique 18K Two-tone Gold Size 6 Pink, White & Yellow Rough Diamond Butterfly Ring

This gorgeous butterfly ring will draw looks whenever you enter a room. It is made from polished 18K two-tone gold, and it has a lovely butterfly emblazoned with jewels that appears as if it has just landed atop a diamond flower. This ring features one pear cut white diamond measuring 5 by 7mm, a yellow diamond measuring 6 x 7mm, and another pear cut pink diamond measuring 6 x 7mm as well.

But that isn’t all of the diamonds that comprise this spectacular ring! It also has three 3x 4mm marquise cut white diamonds and three 2mm round cut green diamonds. These make up the form and shape of the butterfly. There is also a round cut diamond placed right in the middle of the butterfly.

This gorgeous ring is perfect for the springtime when the sun is out and you are ready to hit the town after a long winter. It will make any outfit you own shine like never before.

Porsamo Bleu 18K White Gold & Black Rhodium Size 7.25 1.31ctw White & Yellow Diamond Ring

This incredible ring from Porsamo Bleu is truly in a class all its own. There is little to compare it to, and it will take your breath away the first time you lay eyes on it. The ring is designed for the unconventional woman who is looking for something incredibly elegant, and unlike anything she has ever seen before.

This ring has an amazing and everlasting style. The bulk of the ring is made from 18K white gold that has been plated with black rhodium. The ring has 24 different white diamonds that have been round cut. It also has dozens upon dozens of yellow diamonds that are round cut and placed in invisible settings. These yellow diamonds are placed in diagonal rows that weave around the white diamonds, for a look not unlike water flowing around rocks in a stream.

All in all the diamonds in this ring weigh in at a whopping 1.31 ct. The entire ring measures 14/16 inches long by 12/16 inches wide.

Essential Scarves

  1. Cashmere
    A soft and sensuous cashmere scarf is a top winter essential, that not only keeps you warm but looks stylish and beautiful too. Look out for Artemis Wragge’s gorgeous cashmere scarves in an array of rich colours and as soft and lightweight as thistledown.
  2. Silk
    Every girl should have at least one silk scarf at hand, better still several. Fling a light floaty wisp of silk around your neck in an accent colour on casual summer weekends, or fold and tie it more formally for the boardroom.
  3. Leopard print
    A leopard print scarf is a great way of wearing this season’s hottest print. You can get the look without going for overkill and bring cutting edge style to an otherwise classic outfit. There are plenty of stunning ones about but check out Lily and Lionel’s gorgeous range in light wool or modal for starters.
  4. Floral
    Floral prints are another oh so pretty summer trend – even if you’re not naturally a flowery person a delicate floral scarf can catch the mood without you looking like a hothouse flower yourself.
  5. Wide
    A wide and generous scarf in bold colourful prints and a light cotton weave is essential for any summer holiday. Use it as a beach wrap, an impromptu dress or sarong, wrap up in it on cool summer night walks along the beach – so versatile you can’t do without it.

Bum Bags

Bum bags are very convenient because of the way they are strapped on the body. It leaves ones hands free to manoeuvre whilst the bag is securely positioned on the body. You can find these in many different colours and designs to cater to individual tastes and fashion trends. Although the staple bum bag is black in colour and discrete in its designs, one can find those that have many kinds of embellishments on them. Some come in neon colours as well as floral fabrics and geometric designs.

Many now have numerous compartments as well as hidden ones to help keep cash and other valuables safe whilst travelling. Since it is strapped and positioned to the front of the body, there is very little chance of pick-pockets succeeding in stealing the contents of these bags. A lot of people also wear them under their jackets making it even more difficult for any chance of being the victim of pick pockets.

You can also find these bags made from plastic or other water-resistant material to keep them dry in case of rain, etc. These are especially useful for those who use them when hiking or going on jungle treks where the weather can be unpredictable. It is also useful when travelling during winter season when there could be snow and chances of getting wet from snow is high.

People also appreciated the fact that it is always visible to them and that it was accessible at all times. It is usually big enough to carry important documents such as passports and cash and even small items of shopping.

During its height of popularity, many people started wearing them whilst going shopping because of its convenience. Women especially liked it because it was strapped in front, was visible and easily accessible. It also meant that you had both arms free to move about without having to carry a handbag over one shoulder. Men also found that it was more convenient to have their cash in these bags rather than their back trouser pockets where the chances of being pick pocketed was high. It also meant that one did not have to wear a jacket specifically to carry their wallets.

Shop and Wear Black Leggings

Buying Leggings

Black leggings usually go with any occasion. The more important concern you have is the length and style of leggings to buy. The safest length to go for is ankle high. Ankle-length leggings usually match many outfits including body types. If possible, look for leggings made from thick opaque material. It should also provide a good stretch but not too much. Thicker leggings help smooth out bumps and lumps. They also hide your underwear eliminating any discomfort. Leggings with a good stretch allow the garment to maintain its shape while providing the individual long lasting ease.

Wearing Leggings

If you feel confident about your legs, you can go for knee-length leggings. You can best wear this length during summer and spring. You can wear knee-length leggings with skirts and dresses. They give you better coverage especially if you do not want to expose as much. If you have big calf muscles, choose longer leggings. To experiment more, try bright colours, several patterns, and texture. For longer legs, you can try long patterns or vertical stripes. Subtle textures, on the other hand, give emphasis to dark colours. Bolder colours require neutral shades. Do not overdo dark or bright themes.

Other Tips

When wearing black leggings, you should wear a top covering your rear and hips – these tops are more popular as tunics. They come in several lengths depending on your body type. To make sure your tunic matches with your leggings, choose a top that extends beyond your hips but no more than halfway down the thighs. Because black leggings match with almost any type of colour, you can choose a colour that flatters you best. For shoes, check your outfit against your shoes. For example, flats go better with a casual look while boots or pumps offer a sexier look. You can match your tap with a long necklace or choose a sling or shoulder bag. You should decide whether you want a casual, formal or dressier appearance. This decides whether you should add other accessories or not.

Getting Custom Socks

Imagine how different the situations are between a soccer player and a mountain climber. They would most likely purchase the same tube socks to complement their endeavors, despite how dissimilar the demands of their activities are. The latter would probably appreciate thickness and durability more, while the former would opt for those that are breathable and flexible. With made-to-order pairs, they don’t have to settle with the choices that they are being offered commercially.

If you are a sports buff, you’d value socks that could give you the support you require, to prevent injuries and prevent germ build up, as well as odor. This is not something you may find among the traditional ones. If there are certain products that meet your prerequisites, they may be difficult to acquire in huge quantities. The advantage of custom socks is that you can have them made according to your sports specifications, and then order it in a variety of size, shape, color and material you would like. Then, you can afford not only to dress your feet up. You need to provide the same for your team as well, because, obviously, all of you are a team, therefore, everything needs to match. You can even add in logos on each of them, for solidarity.

If you are looking for a worthwhile giveaway to friends and family, a customized sock would also do well at translating your sentiments without costing you too much. As with the sports varieties, you could have these made with specific designs to match the occasion you are using them for. Hence, whether it is the holidays or your birthday, you’d always have something for your guests to take away as a souvenir, to remember you by, every day of their lives.

The third noteworthy advantage of getting customized socks is that you can get them tailored, according to the height you want. It’s always been problematic for certain gifted people to find the right kind of pair to fit their unique lower limb attributes. With a bespoke sock, you won’t have any problem insulating and protecting your legs and feet whether they are long and large or short and stubby. This is again something very rarely found with retailed types.

Now, it is interesting to note that there are certain socks meant to help people improve the circulation in their legs. Those with diabetes or amputated lower extremities benefit a lot out of custom-made ones that enable them to deal with their physical problems more effectively. This is another advantage posed when it comes to getting personalized socks made, because you can also factor in what your current state of health is, and have it addressed in the type you get.

Sturhling Watches

At Sturhling, there’s an innate respect for the art and tradition of the Swiss watch-making legend. Just like in the old times, Sturhling watches are produced with attention to detail and excellence. They make the most of the Swiss engineering and artisanship that marks all the fine timepieces of the past century, thanks to a factory that’s run entirely under Swiss supervision. How’s that for commitment to quality? Sturhling is also known for its revamp of the self-winding watch – something that, thanks to the developments regarding quartz movements, had all but died out. The brand, paying homage to its history, recently began producing watch models that were self-winding, and have found that there’s an audience out there for these sorts of watches.

So, how do you choose the Sturhling watch that’s right for your occasion? Let’s run down a few scenarios. Got a big meeting at the office in the next few weeks, and want to make sure you put your best foot forward? It’s time to think about your personal style. You’ll want to wear a suit, or nicely pressed khakis at the very least. Remember, your outfit makes your first impression, and that’s the thing about first impressions: you only get one. Make a good one with a Sturhling Original Men’s Jupiter Stainless Steel Leather Strap Watch, a classic, masculine timepiece that stands out thanks to its bright gold watch face. A classic design that features unique touches and powered by Swiss Quartz movement, this watch begins with a round stainless steel case that comes in your choice of gold-tone with a cream dial, rose-tone with a white dial or silver-tone with a white dial (go for the gold). A Krysterna crystal safeguards the dial itself, for a watch that doesn’t just look good, but will stand the test of time as well.

If you’re attending a black tie affair and want to ensure that your watch is up to the task, style wise, snag a Sturhling Original Men’s Winchester 44 Elite Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch. The perfect marriage of time-tested mechanics and chic style come together in this gorgeous gold timepiece featuring cutout index markers at all hour positions and minute and second hands to convey the time and keep you on schedule. A bold first impression is sure to be yours with this gorgeous watch, so make sure people keep their eyes on it but their hands off – everyone’s going to want a piece of you once you put this baby on! If you’re looking to dress to impress, this is the watch for you.

Need a watch to purchase for your son as a graduation gift? You’ll want something that he can wear to his interviews – something that makes him look strong, masculine, smart, and worthy of the job. He’ll set sail towards a bright future with the stunning Sturhling Original Men’s Regatta Sailor Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch – a fine piece for any young man. A classic timepiece, this watch features a unidirectional rotating bezel with a scale over a round silver-tone stainless steel case. A screw down crown and crystal keep the dial safe, while luminous markers reveal themselves at all hour positions except 6:00, where a square date window keeps him on top of his schedule. A sophisticated but classic timepiece that will take him through his job interviews and beyond, this Sturhling watch is a great buy.