Casual and Cool Clothing

  • Casual yet Professional Shorts
    Wearing a decent pair of shorts can make a big difference in your outfit. This is an important tip, so pay attention. Dressing in cut-offs is not a good look for anybody, so don’t wear them. Cut-offs are not attractive, so if you can’t part with them use them for other things like cleaning house and mowing the lawn. Shorts that are too long could make it look like you are wearing Capri pants and wearing shorts too short could make you like your wearing biker shorts. Shorts should be worn about knee length to no more than 3 in above the knee depending on how you prefer to wear your shorts.
  • Protect your Eyes with Cool Shades
    Purchasing a good pair of sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun while looking stylish. For those who thought sunglasses were only for style are wrong, yes its cool to have your glasses perched on the bridge of your nose but the protect you from the sun. Sunglasses will always be a summer fashion tip because its important to protect the your eyes and the sensitive skin around the eyes, which help you look younger longer without wrinkles. Aviators are a classic choice of sunglasses but find something that fits your face and looks good on your face structure.
  • Out with the Socks
    Wearing socks during the summer shouldn’t be allowed. The summer is hot weather that makes you sweat, including your feet. Who wants to wear sweaty socks? It understandable if you are going somewhere that requires you to wear shoes but sandals are a great choice for summer. Wearing sandals with white socks isn’t the same as wearing them barefoot, your feet could use some fresh air too. And of course if you’re going to wear sandals, you need to time to take care toes and feet. This is not just for metrosexuals either, this is for everybody to have good hygiene and cleanliness.