Benefits of Cufflink Stands

  • Convenience- The first reason why every man should have a cufflink stand is convenience. There is nothing worse than digging through a drawer trying to find the matching cufflink while staring at the clock and wondering whether or not you will truly make it to an event on time. If you usually just set your cufflinks on the dresser then you run the risk of having them fall down the back, making them difficult to retrieve. You are busy man. Why waste any more time trying to find the location where you last remember having your cufflinks when you are rushing to get out the door? A cufflink stand keeps them in a safe, and always available, place.
  • Care-Cufflinks for men are an investment in your personal style, and they should be treated as such. When you don’t store your cufflinks properly, you run the risk of losing one or the cufflinks becoming damaged. If you have a toggle or bullet back cufflink, the backing can become fragile with everyday use. Putting your cufflinks in a stand will allow you to increase the life span of your cufflinks and their delicate backings. Some cufflinks have unique designs or have a smooth surface, and even the smallest scratch could take away from their beauty and class. Having a stand to put your valuable cufflinks in keeps them from being damaged.
  • Cleanliness-Whether you share your bathroom with your wife or you live alone in a bachelor pad, there is nothing better than a clean house. Having a place to store your cufflinks will help maintain your clean home, while at the same time keeping your cufflinks out of the way of toothpaste, mouthwash, and lotion. This will ensure your cufflinks stay clean and sparkling for the next time you want to wear them. As a bonus, you won’t have to worry about knocking them into the sink and losing them down the drain!