Army Combat Boots

Make sure if you are required by the military to get a certain kind of Army combat boots that the ones you get meet the standards needed and required. Otherwise your idea of what this type of boot is like can vary a bit. There are some things to look for when it comes to your combat footwear.

  • Padding in the right places — Some new styles of these boots have padding to help reduce pain or ankle or foot fatigue. There may also be padding that acts as a calf guard to avoid digging in and causing blisters, especially when they are new.
  • Color — If you are not looking for the standard classic style of black boots, then you are probably going to be shopping for the military khaki or sand color footwear. Other popular color choices now include military green and grey.
  • Tread — Possibly one of the most important things to consider in relation to your military style boots is the tread because this helps performance.
  • Material — The old traditional boots for uniform or combat were leather. These days you can find leather, canvas, Gore-Tex other materials or a mixture of two of these materials.

Probably the most important thing is to take into consideration what it is you will be using the boots for. Generally most people want to make sure the boots they get are waterproof. Some people also want to make sure their boots are also UV protected to help prevent sun fading or damage.

Even the eyelets used for lacing can be important, especially if you intend to keep your boots for a long period of time. If the material is rustproof, you do not have to worry about these eyelets collecting rust over time and after wear in wet conditions.

If you do intend to wear yours in hot climates, more often than it is important to find boots that are meant to be hot weather condition footwear and will allow your feet to breather better. Get the right size and consider these factors and you can have the best pair of Army combat boots for your needs.