Animal Jewelry

Born out of the recent revival in 1970s fashion, favouring long, flowing locks and fluid-like garments which shroud the body in mystery, the popularity of these critter accessories is soaring. Designers seek to pay homage to the organic world and showcase its splendour, and who are we to resist?

The beauty of such a trend is that you can showcase your individuality by selecting your very own spirit animal. Want to be cute and cuddly? Opt for a matching panda bear necklace and ring, to be loaded with kitsch, sparkly goodness that will keep the compliments coming. Looking for a special piece that will brighten up an otherwise everyday outfit? Select eye-catching bold exotic birds such as flamingos and toucans, with colourful beaks and gorgeous feathers. Alternatively, express your inner cat lady by channeling her through necklaces and rings adorned with friendly feline faces.

Remember, it is not all happy-go-lucky in the animal kingdom. If you are after tough accessories that compete in the style stakes, it is still worth taking a look at what is on offer at the moment. From silvery slithering snakes that wrap around your fingers and wrists and glitter fiercely in the sun, to wolves that sit silently around your neck and stare with cool confidence, these brilliantly beastly pieces will intimidate and inspire.

For a nod towards the wild side without going over the edge, pick a wraparound claw ring, or a simple shark tooth pendant to sling over your favourite band shirt. These casual accessories pack a punch and show you are a girl not to be messed with, but they do not dominate your outfit and cage you in. They are simple enough to be stacked with your other favourite jewels for an eclectic vibe, but can equally be worn by themselves for an understated, casually cool effect.

Animal motifs allow you to express your personal strength as well as your appreciation of the natural world in all its glory. A bridge between the traditional and the trendy, these talismans put regular jewellery to shame by appealing to our primal instincts through flashes of colour and detailed design. Animals have such character that these are pieces you will want to collect and treasure for years to come – because after all, whilst we might consider this a current hot trend, whoever heard of an elephant or a lion going out of style? Timeless, elegant and unique, these animals grace the planet and are emblematic of its beauty; now they can enhance yours too.