About Tutu

The most common variety is the basic tutu. This is just an elastic waistband with two or three layers of solid-colored tulle attached as a skirt. These monochromatic tutus are perfect for costumes, dressing up an outfit, or playtime. Adding a crafting flower to the waistline is an easy way to customize a solid tutu. Because these skirts are extremely affordable, mom doesn’t have to worry about a tear or stain during playtime.

For a little more excitement, two-tone tutus are a great option. These are similar to basic tutus, but instead of three layers of the same color tulle, the center layer is a different color. Get a shirt and bow in each color for a coordinating look! These are perfect for the little fashionista who loves to coordinate.

If you’re looking for the ideal tutu for a photo shoot, go with a specialty tutu. One of the most popular specialty tutus available is the Rainbow Tutu. These skirts have about 4 layers of tulle, each a different vibrant color. Along the waistline is a large bow made with the same four colors of ribbon. They are colorful, festive, and fun.

For an entire ensemble, the tutu dress is the best option. These outfits are made by looping long strips of tulle through the bottom holes of a 6″ or 8″ crochet headband. These are easily customized for any occasion! Since the headband serves as the bodice of the dress, tutu dresses are recommended for infants and toddlers only. Adding straps or crafting flowers can dress these up and make them completely custom.