Month: August 2019

Country Clothing Brands

Outback Rodeo Jeans

Starting off as one pair of denim jeans, the brand has grown substantially into a nation wide leader in western clothing. Outback Rodeo was established and guarantees the best quality and sturdiness while maintaining a comfy fit. Outback Rodeo has always been recognised for their focus on researching and developing personalised cowboy fashion at affordable prices. As an Australian based company, Outback Rodeo has designed their jeans to combat the ruthless Aussie outback. They are not just fashionable they are also suitable as work wear.

The brand has a 100% customer satisfaction policy and promises their jeans will outlive any of their competitors. One of their popular products includes the superior 34″ in-leg twill denim blue jeans. Any fan of rodeo would have come across Outback Rodeo Jeans, who have become one of the biggest sponsors of country and western events.

Cowgirl Up Jeans

Specifically tailored for the ladies, Cowgirl Up is the perfect clothing for all occasions. Cowgirl is an extremely trendy clothing line that keeps its roots in the western world. Their product range includes hats, boots, short to long skirts, t-shirts, vests, gloves, scarfs, belts and bandannas. The brand has grown into a modern fashion that can be worn working, dancing or for casual wear.

Corfu Jeans

Corfu Jeans is a massive retailer of western clothing that constantly releases new items. Corfu’s style is smart casual and achieved national success with their launch of ‘perfect fit jeans’. Today Corfu is an international brand that sources their materials from quality manufacturers across the globe. The brand strives to tailor all their new garments into a new style for every season.

Their product range includes jeans, trousers, vests, blouses and skirts. The company guarantees a variety up to date fashion for both the smart casual and the very trendy woman. Corfu Jeans has one of the biggest ranges in western wear and caters for the plus size woman with sizes ranging up to 20. You can find their garments across Australia in most major clothing departments.

Traditionally worn to protect Australians in the bush from the harsh climate and constant outdoor living, the clothes have developed into a fashionable and stylish choice both in the country and in the city. You can still find practical gear today, such as cowboy boots that are just as tough as before and will still protect your feet when horse riding. All these brands offer an excellent range of western wear which can be found at online country clothing shops such as that run by Australian company

Plus Size Jacket


Length is an important factor to be considered while choosing a plus-size jacket. Length of the coat you wear should be in accordance with your height. But a thumb rule to select the perfect length in a coat is that it should end at the slimmest part of your body. There are various lengths available in jackets.

  • Full-length: Full-length coats are best for extreme cold conditions. Your movement might be restricted to some extent if they are fully buttoned up. However, shorter plus-size women should avoid wearing a full-length coat. This will make them look shorter.
  • ¾ Length: These coats are often the best to be used in rain. They will provide more protection in rain than a standard-length jacket. And allow more movement than a full-length coat.
  • Jackets: Jackets give you a stylish look. They are smaller in length, but can provide protection in rain and snow.
  • Anorak: It is a heavy jacket and offers superior insulation, hence keep you warm.
  • Trench coat: It is a stylish long coat. It is comfortable and can keep you warm and dry on a rainy or windy day.
  • Raincoat: They are simple A-line design coats and are mainly used for rainy days.

Colour and pattern

Preferably choose dark colours and those matching your outfit. This will help you to enhance your body shape. If you are looking for a printed jacket make sure that you select a jacket with smaller prints. Large prints can make you look bulkier.


Avoid boxy-style jackets if you are a plus-size. When selecting a plus-size jacket pay special attention to the neck and collar. Avoid wide neck if you have larger bust, instead choose narrow neck with small collars. V necks are most preferable in plus-size jackets. Choose a jacket that is buttoned up and crosses over, but the buttons should not come at center. You can also try wrap-around jackets they will suit your figure and will give you stunning looks.

Jackets and coats say a lot about your wardrobe. It is the first thing that people notice when it is cold. So add style to your wardrobe with different types of jackets and coats.

Creeping Back To Blighty

When, after the war, the troops were transported back to England, the ex-service men kept on wearing this footwear, more often than not, wore them to the nightspots in the towns. Frequently they went to visit the ladies in the brothels after a night out and so the name Brothel Creepers became synonymous with these types of shoes.

In the Fifties this footwear became popular and was the footwear of choice during the Rock and Roll era. Elvis Presley even wrote a song about them called blue suede shoes. They were popular with many different song cultures and also in the Teddy boy era.

Nowadays the design has been much improved. The modern versions are very stylish, but they still have their trademark of very thick crepe soles. They are still being worn by certain band members today. They are produced in any style and colours, such as winkle pickers and some of them even have wedged heels and there are now also patterned versions available. Most of these can be viewed on the internet.

These shoes could be of some use by people who have tender feet such as diabetics. If you should become diabetic then foot care is of the most importance. As the small blood capillaries die off, the feet will become numb and will have no feeling and going barefoot is very dangerous. These shoes should keep your feet safe.

I have known a diabetic who stubbed his toe and did not know it. A week or so later he developed an ulcer and by going to his nearest hospital immediately it was in the end not necessary to amputate the foot.

In London there is still a shop that sells the original versions. However, it is much easier to have a look on the many websites to make a choice that is right for you. These days, internet shopping is very easy and safe. Your credit card details are not likely to be cloned as only electronic processing is used.

The internet also has the advantage that you do not have to walk miles to find the right footwear. By sitting in a comfortable chair you can pick out any style you like. When your credit card has been approved your shoes will be dispatched immediately if they are in stock.If they are not, then they will still be with you as soon as possible

Sleeved Blanket

It was actually several months later, and with the urging of a brother, that he began trying to market his creation. After giving several away to friends as gifts, he used borrowed money and hit the trade show circuit. He got a big boost when the QVC shopping channel picked up the slanket and put it in front of millions.

But shoppers weren’t the only ones viewing the slanket. So was AllStar Marketing which had already created a cottage industry with similar creations like the Magic Mesh screen and the Topsy Turvy indoor tomato plant. They soon rolled out their own version of the slanket which they called the Snuggie (a play on the word “snuggle”). The cheaply priced Snuggie infuriated Clegg who contemplated suing but realized he had no real basis since he had already been informed by legal brights that trying to patent a blanket with sleeves was an “uphill climb to the bottom”. That left the door open to copycats.

But even Clegg’s claim to have been the first out the sleeved blanket block was challenged by Sean and Jennifer Ianuzzi. They claimed their “Freedom Blanket” was first and then brazenly accused Clegg of actually buying one of their creations! They were able to sell several thousand largely through word of mouth but didn’t have the deep pockets to do any aggressive marketing. But one former seminary student claimed to have trumped all of them.

In 1990 while an undergrad at Kentucky’s Asbury University, Dr Scott McQuate came up with what he called a “book blanket” which he created with the help of his grandmother to keep warm while reading. He, like, Clegg, attempted to secure a patent but was also told it just wasn’t possible. So he matriculated to seminary and put his creation on the shelf (a Swedish woman, Inger Larssen is marketing a “book blanket” largely through the internet).

Clothes for Big Women specialise in plus size clothing, stocking a great range of styles from sizes 14 – 32. Their gorgeous models on the site show that big can definitely be beautiful and there is no limit to the styles that you can buy. From skinny jeans to floaty summer dresses, there’s something for everyone on this great website. Prices are also very reasonable, at mid high street range, you can expect to get a whole outfit (including shoes) for well under £150.

On the high street, Evans specialise in plus size clothing, also ranging in sizes from 14 – 32. This shop is particularly good for basics, such as work clothes (great black tapered trousers and flattering skirts) and high quality durable swim wear.

In terms of cuts, there are so many shapes that look incredible of curvy figures. Larger ladies have the luxury of being able to wear bandeau (or strapless) dresses without fearing embarrassing slips. These dresses, combined with a belt at the waist look great on ladies with a full bust and can really help to accentuate an hour-glass figure.

Jersey dresses and floating tunics are also ideal. These are a great summer solution for larger ladies who might be self-conscious about showing their upper-arms. In a light tunic, it is easy to cover up and stay cool at the same time. Ladies who are tall are able to wear one of this wears hottest styles -maxi dresses. No matter what your size, a maxi-dress looks incredible on any lady who is tall and can be made even more glamorous with the addition of high-heels. The maxi-dress is the perfect dress for holidays because they can transition perfectly between the beach and a restaurant for dinner.

Outside of dresses, high-waist skirts and trousers are great for ladies with fuller figures (high-waist trousers work best on taller ladies) because they help to create a great Marilyn Monroe style hour-glass shape. Wear with a shirt or blouse for formal occasions of with a tucked-in tee for casual wear.

Ways to Wear Perfume

  • Select the right kind of perfume – The main purpose to wear perfume is to make sure that your personality and attire get enhanced. Therefore, you should select the perfume which connects with your personality and matches your natural aroma. When you test the perfume fragrance, make sure you spray it on your skin rather than on the strip. Spraying on the skin will give you the exact fragrance of the perfume and will help you buy the right perfume.
  • Know your skin type then buy a perfume – Studies say that dry skin tends to make the perfume weak, therefore you should use a strong fragrance if your skin is dry. However, you should always buy a perfume which matches your body odor, as our own aroma also affects the fragrance you wear. Never indulge in buying perfumes just because the bottle looks trendy, buy something that is exclusively for you.
  • Make sure you spray it at right areas – It should be taken into consideration that you do not spray while you are wearing jewellery. It can cause great damage to the look and feel of the precious and expensive ornaments. Also, make sure you don’t spray them on your clothes as they might cause discoloration. However, you should spray it from a distance so as to ensure that your clothes are safe and are not suffered from the adverse effects that a perfume can cause to them.
  • When to apply the perfumes – The ideal time to apply perfume is after the shower. This is because when you come out of the shower you body pores are open; therefore the perfume fragrance will easily get penetrated into the skin, hence giving you a long effect. Women’s perfume shouldn’t be worn together, until and unless they are of the same aroma and brand.
  • Avoid countless sprays throughout the day – It’s quite obvious that you think that your fragrance has got evaporated, but it’s nothing like that actually. It’d still be there! Avoid spraying a lot of the perfume on yourself to avoid teasing your nose. Because at one point of time you’ll not be able to smell your own fragrance.

Wear perfumes by keeping the weather in mind – Women’s perfumes smell best when they are worn keeping the weather in mind. On a sunny day, the fresh smell of a rose or sunflower will keep you refreshed throughout the day. You should choose a mild fragrance in summers and strong in winters. The fragrance gets enhanced and loved by people around you, if they are worn appropriately. A mild aroma in winters would never be advisable.

Footwear Guide

Flats are on your must-haves in your closet. You can wear this versatile pear any season. Depending on the color and details of your flats, you can wear them to make a chic daytime outfit or a comfy but trendy nighttime wear. You can choose from the ballerina, the really pointed one, or the pair that has tassels or metal accents. There are even those made of metallic fabric or with colored jewels that can make your shirt and jeans look really hot even at night.

Another staple in a woman’s wardrobe should be black pumps. Heels make everyone’s legs and posture better-looking and can be worn with almost any outfit. They’re perfect for the office and for cocktail parties. You shouldn’t wear heels all the time, though. Always have a pair of flats with you. Keep them in your office, purse, or car, so you can change into them when your feet are tired from your pumps.

Sandals also make your legs look better. But you should save them for wearing during the warmer periods of the year. They really look fabulous when worn with a maxi dress or a flowing skirt. And remember that stylish women always keep their feet and toes clean, particularly when showing them off in sandals. If you’re wearing nail polish, make sure that it doesn’t have any cracks.

Boots aren’t limited anymore for wearing in winter. You can wear shorter ones, like ankle boots, at any time of the year, as long as you’re comfortable with them. Boots can be worn with shorts, jeans, leggings, or skirts of any length. However, when wearing ankle boots with your skirt, you should wear opaque tights.

Knowing these basic tips about footwear fashion can make a big difference in your shopping and in your whole wardrobe. These will also help you decide on what shoe to wear with what outfit everyday.

Right Rain Clothing

The level of comfort is the next thing to look into. This is where you examine its ability to allow your body to breathe. You will find advertizing screaming itself hoarse on the product being able to let you breathe, but only a test of time will tell. Besides the technology used in the creation of fabric itself, the inclusion of vents, your body’s metabolism as well as the humidity and temperature you are using will matter. The kind of clothing you have on under the gear is important as well.

You will need to assess the durability of the fabric. Those like nylon and polyester come in varying densities and weight. What you should aim for is a 70 denier type material which is often created in three distinct layers. If you are not going to be scaling large altitudes then it would be best to cut down on the ounces in the fabric and go lightweight

How you look will also make a difference. You want to look stylish and not like something that stepped off the ramp at a clinical display show. If you are headed for the wilderness, then you should look at trim tailoring. This also you to pack it easily and the alignment of the pockets will not come in the way of your backpack or your climbing paraphernalia.

The more sophisticated your gear the more expensive it is going to be. When it comes to high quality fabrics you are looking at great tailoring and attention to detail. This will go right down to the little rivets on your buttons. Lower cost water proof clothing can be easy on the pocket, but they are not usually breathable materials making them rather uncomfortable to be in.

Trendy Shoes

Depending on your preferred heel, there is also a wide variety of heights available, from Steve Madden’s CHIEEFF roped wedge sandals (5 inch heel height with1.5 inch platform) to the more demure Aerosoles Flight Deck raffia-covered wedges with a fun, striped canvas upper in a variety of color combinations. In addition to the wedge, the gladiator is still going strong, swinging through last season. It appears this trend may be here for awhile! Gladiator sandals are ranging from simple, single wrap designs to more complex criss-cross designs that progress up the ankle and calf.

Metallics are still especially popular giving feet of the world a blingy, Cleopatra-esque shimmer.

For the more work appropriate women’s shoe trends, the chunky heels “a-la-year-2000” are back in action! Hopefully you have not traded in all of your old “chunky pumps” for the slim heels of the latter part of the decade. This is a great trend to see on the return, since the thicker heels tend to provide better support, and are more stable. Neutrals (especially nude colors) are being paired with the chunky heel to provide solid but elegant footwear – check out Christian Louboutin’s Chunky Heel nude leather pumps as a great example of this. Louboutin has also thrown in a nice platform for those that enjoy a bit more height without the pain of a super-severe heel.

For something on the more affordable, budget-conscious side, check out the Jupiter platform peep toe in “tan” from the Payless line. Last but certainly not least – flats. Flats have never been more popular. Not only are they comfy, but also they take up very little room in shoe racks and suitcases, making them ideal for travel. To jazz up the flat, shoemakers are using lots of neat tricks such as covering them in sequins or adding fancy embellishments to the toes to dazzle the wearer and make other trendy girls envious. Check out Tom’s Black Sequins Women’s classics flats for classic and classy comfort combined.

Lady Dior Bag

It all began back in September of 1995 when France’s First Lady, Bernadette Chirac, gave the Princess of Wales the newest handbag from Christian Dior. It was adorned in black leather and featured an elegant stitching. The Princess immediately fell in love with the bag. Her new found obsession led her to order the designer purse in every style available. Since Princess Diana was known to be the most photographed woman in the world, it was inevitable that the designer handbag would be featured in several of these pictures – and that is exactly what happened.

In the following November, the bag was first captured on film during a visit to a children’s home in Birmingham. Lady Di was shown holding a child and carrying her new favorite designer handbag. The princess was then seen toting it a few weeks later while on an official visit to Argentina. Following these two major appearances was the birth of a legend. The House of Dior decided to rename the bag in honor of the princess by titling it the Lady Dior. Since then, it has become one of the most iconic bags for the House of Dior.

While John Galliano’s design seems somewhat simple, it is no easy feat to bring it to life. Each one requires a minimum of eight hours to construct and the work of seven craftsmen. 130 pieces of leather are needed for each bag and they all must be sanded, dyed, and hand-stitched then manually cut and placed around a wooden mold. Plus, the famous D.I.O.R. jeweled letters are all galvanized in different baths to ensure their luster. Even the feet of the bag are intricately designed with 43 pieces of metal coming together to protect the base from the harshness of the ground. One of the more fascinating elements of the designer handbag is its incorporation of some of the design house’s history. Mr Dior’s very first fashion show in 1947 featured Napoleon III chairs. These beautiful chairs are channeled through the cannage pattern and stitched leather featured on the outside. This reminiscent element gives the bag a touch of classic elegance that is undeniable.