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Couture Wedding Dresses

The dress can be made to suit your body shape

It is easy to think that two women of the same size will both fit into the same dress. But of course we are all individuals and we are all different. When you opt for couture wedding dresses you can be assured that this most important gown will fit you beautifully. If there are parts you would rather disguise and other parts you would like to accentuate to make you feel more confident, you can do so in the design process.

You can be sure you have a bespoke design no one else will ever wear

Couture wedding dresses provide every bride who selects this option with a unique, one off gown. For most couples their wedding is the most memorable day they will ever spend together – it is the beginning of the rest of their married life.

As such, it is wonderful to have a gown that was designed for you and nobody else. You may already have ideas on the design that you could request to be incorporated. Perhaps you have a particular affinity and love for lace; alternatively you may have seen pictures of your parents’ wedding and want something that will bring back memories of your mother’s dress. Whatever you opt for you can be sure it will be highly personal to you.

You can keep your dress and perhaps even pass it down as a family heirloom

There is no doubt that couture wedding dresses are far more valuable and revered than off the rack fashions. A considerable amount of thought and work goes into every single bespoke wedding dress that is made, in order to be assured that it meets every expectation of the bride to be. As such the gown is more than just a beautiful dress; it provides memories of your special day but it is also a unique item that becomes part of your family history. If it is carefully and delicately preserved after the big day is over, it can be passed down through future generations if you so desire.

Choosing The Right Sunglasses

Protection from UV

One contributing factor to eye disease is ultraviolet radiation. This is why it is important to choose a pair of sunglasses that protect you from the harmful effects of the sun and UV rays. Just because your glasses have a dark tint doesn’t mean that you are protected from UV rays. Check the UV rating before you make a purchase.

What the Sunglasses Are Made From

Generally speaking the heavier the sunglasses, the higher quality they will be. You want to ensure that the material that they are made from will last a long time and be able to resist the constant knocks that sunglasses typically take. Although you might pay more for high quality sunglasses, it will still be cheaper than replacing cheap sunglasses every time you drop them.

Different Tints

Tints are the colors that are applied to sunglasses lenses to help reduce the light that comes into contact with the eyes. The particular tint you choose is partly up to your personal taste. However, different tints will have a different effect on brightness and glare, and may distort color differently.

As an example, gray tints reduce glare and don’t distort the color. On the other hand, a yellows lens will distort the color, but sharpen your view.

To Polarize or Not to Polarize?

Sunglasses that are polarized will reduce the glare of the light which bounces off roads and water. People who drive a lot during the day or boat on the water often prefer polarized lenses. If you work or play near a lot of flat surfaces you may wish to investigate using polarized sunglasses.

Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses are all the rage among celebrities and the ultra hip crowd these days. But they aren’t for everybody. If you have a narrow face, they may make your face look even thinner. Don’t be afraid to stick with traditional sunglasses if you have a thin face or are looking for a more mature look.

Silhouette and Fabric Of Dress

So here is a detail about the silhouette which is the outline of the dress. When you know the options and what suits u best it is easy for you to decide on your wedding dress.

  • A-Line is an easy style for almost any figure. It has a flared skirt and less defined waistline.
  • Ball Gown is the ultimate fairy tale dress, with a tightly fitted bodice, full skirt and defined waistline.
  • Empire is great for a slim line. The waistline starts just under the bust, and the skirt is close fitted.
  • Mermaid is a form-fitting gown with a fishtail hem; looks great in slinky material.
  • Sheath is the most contemporary style. The close-fitting shape hugs your curves and ends with a slight flare.

There are many factors that determine your choice of fabric: dress style, season, body type, and the formality of your wedding.

  • Brocade is a type of fabric that can be very heavy, it is a good option for a winter wedding dress or a fall wedding dress.
  • Chiffon is the most delicate and sheer fabric. It can be made from silk or rayon and due to its transparency it is often layered.
  • Damask is a lighter weighing version of brocade.
  • Illusion is a fine net fabric; used on sleeves or necklines.
  • Lace is a delicate net with fine embroidery of flowers, foliage or geometric patterns. The finest lace is handmade. Some dresses are made entirely of lace; and lace is frequently used to trim veils.
  • Linen is perfect for a summer wedding at the seaside. Light and breathable, but wrinkles very easily.
  • Organza is a stiff, sheer fabric. Can be very sculptural, almost Asian-inspired.
  • Satin is one of the most classic and popular bridal fabrics.
  • Silk is one of the most luxurious fabrics, but can be very pricey.
  • Shantung is a rough-textured, lustrous fabric that resembles raw silk. Gaining in popularity, especially for bridesmaids dresses.
  • Taffeta is crisp and smooth with a visible weave. Fine taffeta can be very elegant, but beware lower quality, which can look cheap.
  • Tulle is a net-like material used in veils and underskirts, gorgeous in a ballerina-style dress.

White Suits for Wedding Plans

Fashion industry has certainly revolutionized our lives drastically. With the advent in its technologies for creations and manufacturing, the industry has come up with far more versatile and comprehensive creations, especially when it comes to men’s suits. Suits have always been the only attire for defining professionalism in the best possible manner. They have been around for centuries now and have undergone series of revolutionary changes in terms of styles, designs and fabrics. Every decade, fashion industry comes out with new set of styles and attires and suits have always played a predominant role amongst their creations when it comes to giving you that professional outlook.

These white suits though they are more appropriate for weddings and other such similar occasions and events, they also do portray touch richness and sophistication as a professional and formal wear. It is the best colored suit you could ever find for your summer and spring wardrobe collections. A white linen suit is truly remarkable and excruciating in terms of projecting that cool and calm image during hot and summer days. And linen as a fabric is an excellent choice for battling the hardships of hot and sunny days. You can also go for seersucker white suits that give you great style and immense comfort during hot sunny days. And these suits can be worn as both formal as well as casual wear depending upon with what you pair them.

Elegant white suits come in various styles and designs created by some of the most skilled and talented designers from around the world. Italian suits designed by Italian designers have a touch of sophistication that gives you class and make you one among the elite members of the society. You have white tuxedos that are more appropriate for weddings and other similar kinds of casual yet special occasions. You have white suits that come in single breasted style which you can wear on a daily basis to your office. Single breasted suits are highly popular among men folk of the corporate world. You also have double breasted white suits that are truly remarkable and exquisite in terms of its make. These suits give you that professional and formidable formal outlook for important business meetings. And you can certainly pull that astonishing outlook with confidence and right attitude. And you’ve got to experiment with your fashion conscious to bring out the best of your personality. Your head will simply swirl from the moment you walk into the store while you are shopping for suits thanks to the brilliance of fashion industry and its designers. But see to that the suit you pick fits you well and make you feel comfortable.

Renting Formal Wear

Formal wear is only worn on special occasions. It generally consists of a tuxedo for the young men and a long evening gown for the young ladies. Generally a young lady will only wear the outfit once. To wear the same dress more than once to these events would be considered a major fashion mistake. Speaking in purely financial terms the renting of these gowns makes better sense than purchasing does.

A large number of stores that sell formal wear have realized that more people would rather rent the outfits for an evening than purchase them outright. Since the economy has taken such hits lately this rental clothing business has more than doubled in size. The boutique makes money and the customers save money. That is a winning combination.

Another good reason to rent these outfits is that storage for these types of garments is difficult at best. You have to store them where they will stay dry, and where they will be protected from moths, and where they will be protected from light. They need to be kept where they will not be exposed to household dust and grime as well. If you fold them up you can damage them, so they need to be hung and not folded. It is much easier to have the child remove the garment and return it to the store the day after the dance.

Once you return the item the store will check it for damage and return your security deposit. Then they have the item cleaned and it is placed back in their inventory for another young lady to wear. You have nothing to worry about until the following year when it is time to rent formal wear again.

Types of Horse Riding Boots

  • CLASSIC RIDING BOOTS: A description of the types of riding boots has to start with the classic one. These are the boots which were first launched to grace the feet of the riders and offer them support and control. These boots are tall, to the extent that they finish close to the knee of the rider. The length of the shoes is to make certain that the saddle is not pinching at the legs of the riders. While the toe of the boot is hard, the sole is very smooth to provide a relaxing feeling to the feet. The heel is also very tactfully designed to keep the foot properly placed, without it continuously slipping or sliding.
  • RUBBER BOOTS: Next in line are the rubber boots. As the name itself suggests, these horse riding boots use rubber to be manufactured. This makes them comfortable to be used in wet conditions. Moreover, they also happen to be cost effective when you compare them with some of the other types which are available. All of this makes them a great option to be explored for yard work. However, it is the same rubber which works as their drawback too. It doesn’t take long for them to get scuffed and start looking untidy. Moreover, rubber heats up much quickly than some of the other materials. Therefore, if the boot has to be worn in summer; it is going to be quite an uncomfortable time for the rider.

Alongside, there are some other types of boots too. One of them is the paddock boots. Their utility makes them to be called Jodhpur boots too. The reason for the same is because they are generally worn with jodhpurs. These boots, for horse riding, are much shorter than the rest and they end up at the ankle itself. This makes them pretty popular among those masses which ride for pleasure than for any other reason.

One can, moreover, also come across the western riding boots. Also known as the cowboy boots, these also have their unique qualities. They end up till the mid calf and hence are neither too long nor too short. In general cases, the material used with these boots is leather. However, customization in the same is not rare to find either.

Right Prom Dress For Body Type

With a slender figure, you will want to draw attention to your bust line and or waist line to achieve the illusion of curves. Slender figures can also achieve the look of curves by choosing dresses that fit snuggly around the waist or come with a fashionable belt.

A busty figure can either call attention to that or draw away from it. If you want to highlight your assets, choose a prom dress, whether petite or one of many plus size prom dresses, that highlight the neckline. To draw attention away from your bust, go with a dress that highlights the hemline.

A petite body type works best with delicate, feminine dresses that will not overwhelm your shape. Traditional gowns and full skirts give the illusion of swallowing you up so better to go with a short fun dress.

Ideally, you will want to have an hourglass figure because pretty much any style of dress will fit the shape and contours of your figure. Your even proportions will work in your favor when choosing a prom dress.

For a pear shaped body type, go with a dress that accents your top, as well as your bottom. Comfort and style are the most important things when choosing homecoming dresses and a form fitting dress may be exactly what you are looking for.

For an apple shaped figure, go with a dress with higher waistline so your problem area is not highlighted by the tightness of the gown. You can still play up the style with fun accessories but keep in mind the overall design you want to keep.

Wes Anderson

In Moonrise Kingdom, tween sweethearts Suzy and Sam run away from home, much to the consternation of their family and the residents of their small town in New England. A visual feast of vintage dresses, quirky hairstyles, and Boy Scout uniforms and trinkets, the film brings together the paradoxes of childhood and adulthood, blurring the lines between and asking us what on earth maturity and ‘being a grownup’ mean anyway. Follow your heart like Suzy and hit the road – or the forest trail – in an outfit that will win hearts and lighten your own along the way.

For a vintage vibe go for rustic, earthy colors like khaki, peach and burnt orange, accented with hints of mustard and muted blues to keep from blending in too much with your surroundings. As with all Wes Anderson characters, attention to detail is key: go for a statement coat or a unique accessory such as a collar or kitsch bag. The idea here is to pick something that could be your trademark, even if it is just from June to September. Something that is special and unique to the wearer, as the iconic fur coat is to Margot Tenenbaum will always impress and be remembered. For genuine sentiment, revisit your childhood drawers and fish out the Brownie badges and the hair ribbons. You may feel silly at first, but these are the kind of details that add an authenticity to the nostalgic look we want to explore.

For the main event, choose a vintage style dress, such as the adorable Lydia with its polka dots and frilly bow detail, or the Kacey Sailor shift dress, perfect for a nautical adventure. With cute accents of knee-high socks and T-bar shoes – and even a detachable lace collar if you want extra girly points – you too can explore the kingdom and look fabulous whilst you’re at it. Don’t forget to add a lick of makeup in order to avoid looking too childlike, however. A deft flick of winged eyeliner, a soft sweep of peachy rouge for a sexy flush and a classic red lip will keep you looking sophisticated and ready for anything. Also remember to bring your phone along for some gorgeous Instagram moments. Now, if we can just manage to find our own version of Edward Norton in those khaki shorts that will be our summer sorted.

Clean Your Wedding Dress

Before and after wearing your wedding dress, look over it for any stain. Having a thorough inspection of the dress makes it wiser for you to prepare the dress perfectly. Of course, make sure that you have the cleaning supplies you will need and take a good look at the hemline. It is understandable that you may get the wedding dress train soaked in dirt, and these tips might be helpful for you. When you started washing your gown, soak the dirty hem in a clean bathtub using lukewarm water for a few hours. Or, you may check if the stain gets slightly removed and the dress looks cleaner this time.

Next, prepare for the real hand-washing encounter with your bridal gown by using a toothbrush and a liquid detergent to brush away the dirt. Make sure that you will focus on cleaning the hemline as well and check the dress linings for any dirt. Rinse these areas thoroughly upon getting done on checking any other stains on the dress.

Thirdly, turn the dress bodice inside and out, and then spray the lining of the bodice with a mixture of soap and water solution. You will also need to use a toothbrush and the detergent solution to clean stains acquired because of perspiration. If your wedding dress has several layers of lining in the skirt, then make sure to check over them and clean the stains. While looking over the exterior of the dress, you should spray the stain with a sudsy solution first. Use the toothbrush and add the liquid detergent directly on the fabric if necessary. However, if you are having a hard time removing the dirt, you may use chlorine for a more effective dirt remover.

Upon cleaning the wedding dress, fill the bathtub with warm water and put the whole dress in the tub. Rinse out all the remaining dirt until the gown has become perfectly clean and free from dirt. Let the water drain, and repeat the process. Most bridal gown cleaners would advice to at least rinse the dress three times until there is no any soap bubble. Keep in mind that wedding dress made from silk fabrics should be dry cleaned by some professional dry cleaning personnel because silk can be torn easily.

Spring Cleaning

When most people go through their wardrobes they only focus on things that they no longer wear. They bag these items up and send them to the local thrift store. What does not cross the mind of most people is to consider what they have and give it a serious evaluation. A benefit of this evaluation is that it shows what you already own. This allows you to steer clear of items that may appear similar to items already in your closet that may have been forgotten. It also refreshes the memory for accents to new items. For example, you may spot a cute new dress that needs a cardigan. If it has been a while since taking a good look into your wardrobe, you may have forgotten about the one that is already hanging in the closet and will match perfectly. This will save potentially hours of searching in stores looking for a new one.

As mentioned before, most people focus solely on the items that they no longer wear whenever they go through their closets. This is not necessarily a bad idea, it just need not be the only one. While doing away with clothes that are no longer worn clears room and makes way for new ones, it oftentimes leads people to make hasty decisions about staple items. The great thing about designer clothes is that they last a long time and most have a classic feel that will allow them to come back into style in the future. The best thing that someone can do with their designer items is to save them for later. This will give more use to something that is so expensive and allow for saving money in the long run. After all, aren’t designer clothes supposed to be an investment?

Once you have evaluated your wardrobe, cleared the useless items, and saved the classics, it is now time to decide what items are missing. This is where you replace worn out staples and, the best part, decide which new pieces to add. Scanning through fashion magazines, browsing stores, going online, or even just people-watching are all excellent ways to discover the season’s latest trends to try.

Now clothes are not the only items in a wardrobe that should be evaluated each spring. Designer handbags should most definitely be considered as well. After all, they are the accents that can either make or break an outfit. When evaluating designer handbags, there are a couple of specific areas to consider.

  • Is it worn or wearing out? While leather is made to last for many years, over time it begins to crease or lose its luster. Unless it was made to appear aged, a worn designer handbag is never attractive.
  • Is it a trendy bag or is it a classic? Some designer handbags are made only to last a season. For example, many of Prada’s handbags for Spring/Summer have old cars on them. While this year we find it cute and endearing, in a couple of years those feelings will have subsided. Designer bags that are overtly trendy are okay to donate to the thrift store after only a short time. However, some designer handbags are designed to last for ages. The Gucci Boston is a timeless bag that will look great with many outfits for years to come without being pinpointed to a specific period in time.